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Jerry Springer “Injured” on RAW

(image courtesy WWE)

The WWE hype machine was in full-force last night. To compete with the return of Monday Night Football, WWE billed RAW as the “season premiere,” and advertised Jerry Springer as its special guest. He was to host a Bella Twins intervention.

That’s when things got ugly.

As you can see in the clip below, Jerry Springer asked the hard-hitting questions, while each Bella sister complained about the other. Both Bellas argued about why their dad left them. The audience chanted “Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry!” Then, Jerry, in true Springer Show fashion, surprised both Nikki and Brie Bella by introducing their brother: JJ Bella (that can’t be his real name, can it?). He called Nikki out for years of abuse, complaining, etc.

And just when the Bella sisters were about to rip each other’s faces off, Jerry got in-between them… and got taken down along the way. It took Stephanie, a bunch of referees, and that guy who replaced Steve, to break up the Bella Twins cat fight. Where was Daniel Bryan when you need him?

After the segment, Jerry Springer was stretchered away. Because apparently, when you’re 70 years old, even a small bump results in emergency ringside assistance.

The segment was widely reviled online, with Twitter reactions calling it the worst segment of all time, and some people vowing to never watch WWE again. Still, some people appreciated the way WWE tied in a mainstream celebrity to the Bella Twin feud, and tried to build on the success of Springer’s name and antics. This is the type of divisive segment WWE loves because it gets reactions. And, more importantly, it gets mainstream press.

Originally, WWE had invited Michael Sam, but once it became obvious he wouldn’t accept their offer, the company shifted its focus.

What did you think of the Bella Twins and Jerry Springer segment? Let us know in the comments below!

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    What do these dumb fans mean the worst segment of all time. That segment was hilarious. One of the best segments I’ve seen on Raw all year.

    From the moment Jerry walked out, I thought it was hilarious. Then the Bella twins catfighting and Jerry right in the middle of it, , that’s hilarious. Then Stephanie coming and trying to break them up and falling on her behind, that’s hilarious. The commentary was even hilarious “Jerry’s down! Jerry’s down!” Even Jerry’s bodyguard not doing a thing until it was all over was hilarious.

    One of the few segments on Raw the past few months that genuinely made me laugh out loud. What are these dumb fans talking about, the worst segment in history, some people have no sense of humor.

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