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Ring Of Honor Television Is Expanding To A New Market

There is some good news for Ring of Honor Wrestling on the business side. Sinclair broadcasting, the owner of Ring of Honor, has struck its first syndication deal to air ROH television in Atlanta. WATL-TV an affiliate of MyNet will begin broadcasting on September 13th ,2014.  This is the first syndication deal done by the company, which to this point has only broadcast with their own affiliates. This will add a potential 2.4 Million viewers to the mix in addition to the 44 million they currently have. Below is the full press release from Sinclair and Ring of Honor on the deal:

“This is a very exciting start to developing ROH’s broader syndication distribution,” stated Joe Koff, COO of Ring of Honor Wrestling. “Since purchasing ROH three years ago, we have upgraded the production quality, added live events and expanded the audience footprint to 76 television markets reaching over 44 million households. We will add an additional 2.4 million television households through today’s announcement and are in discussions with additional companies for syndicated distribution. This is an excellent product with a loyal fan base, which has helped ROH become one of the fastest growing major wrestling franchises in the country. We look forward to expanding ROH’s footprint and continuing to offer entertaining original content.”

This is obviously a big first step in getting Ring of Honor in more homes moving forward. It is a clear signal that Sinclair is willing to look at partners to get into new markets and expand the companies reach. Several major U.S markets do not carry Ring of Honor television. This is a first sign that could be changing.

The company is in a bit of a state of flux with a title change that few saw coming along with losing its top star to WWE.

Ring of Honor made this news official on both their website and via Twitter:

A year of growth for Ring of Honor seems to be continuing as the company has been rumored to be looking to return to traditional pay-per-view in early December for “Final Battle” from New York City. It was  also mentioned over the weekend they will be returning to Toronto for a pay-per-view event and television taping on May 15th and 16th, 2015.

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