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WWE Raw Review 9/8/2014: Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

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Hey, did you know last night was the Season Premiere of WWE Raw? Because, you know, a sport that runs 12 months a year, or an entertainment property that puts up new television every single week, needs to kick off a “new season.” With Jerry Springer. Groan.


Let’s talk about John Cena. It made a lot of sense to have Paul Heyman goad him with talk of a heel turn – it’s what everybody wants, and it’s probably the one thing that could make Cena’s character interesting again. Unfortunately, WWE Raw took a turn for the worst when Cena got on the mic. If you already knew John Cena is all about “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect,” and the WWE Universe, and Marines, and Make-A-Wish, and rising above hate, then you wasted about 10 minutes of your life you’ll never get back. And having Heyman literally cower in fear from Cena when Cena used his big-boy voice? Painful. My interest in this feud wanes each week.

This Miz – Dolph Ziggler feud is really clicking. And it’s elevating the Intercontinental Championship in the process. Yes, segments with “how’d you get those?” pictures draw laughs, but they also give the babyface that “cool” factor. Ziggler looked like a million bucks last night (shades of Jericho), and the Miz is a perfect foil. Plus, the Sandow pairing is actually paying off.

Uh, about Jerry Springer… you knew this Bella Twin feud was heading to a particularly nasty place after those awful, awful “Growing Up Bella” vignettes last week. And while I applaud WWE’s effort at trying in their mainstream celebrity guest to the most drama-filled aspect of the show, it just came across as flat. It either needed more flare, or less Jerry.

Randy Orton beat up Jericho, which was odd. And random. Guess it sets up Jericho going back on tour (and coming back in time to feud with Orton at Mania).

There was probably something else important that happened… oh, yeah, Orton made them put back down the steel cage. Which took FOREVER. And achieved nothing. You mean Roman Reigns had to be smashed AGAINST STEEL MESH for it to really hurt? Wow.


I was curious about opening WWE Raw with Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt. To me, that should’ve been the main event. But it ended up working out by working the audience up into a frenzy. Great match, great win for Wyatt, and great way to sell Jericho being off TV for a few months.

AJ Lee and Paige just need to stop it, and stop it now. I’m over this feud. Bah, humbug.

The NXT stars (Sammi Zayne, Tyson Kidd, Tyler Breeze, and NXT Champion Adrian Neville) got a chance to shine in advance of NXT’s Takeover Thursday night, and really stepped up to the plate. Fans went crazy for it online. And while some of that was just pent-up demand for new blood, it was smart of WWE to put these guys on RAW and give them a moment to shine. Just remember: you can watch ALL the NXT action for only… $9.99!

Roman Reigns picked up his rematch victory against Randy Orton, but got the crap beat out of himself in the process. It was a solid match, but more importantly, it was a really good angle. I can’t tell if they’re setting up Kane, Seth Rollins, or Randy Orton to take on Reigns at Night of Champions, but he’s getting a lot of fan support either way.


-I can’t express enough how much I hated that new Stardust finisher. *spits*

-No Michael Sam. And nobody was surprised.

-Where was Bo Dallas? Why did we have to deal with that dreaded bunny (and Adam Rose)?

-WWE Raw had an awesome opening video that caught fans up on the important storylines. We should see something like that every week.

-Was it just me, or did last night’s WWE Raw feel like it was… lacking star power?

Overall: 4 Jerry Springer Uncensored DVDs out of 10

I’d say last night’s show was fairly middle-of-the-road, but after last week’s train-wreck, I’m even less forgiving. Wake me up when September ends.

What did you think about last night’s show? Enjoy the Jerry Springer apperance? Be sure and give us your two cents in the comments below?

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  1. Avatar

    What are you stupid. That Springer segment was hilarious. One of the best segments I’ve seen on Raw all year.

    From the moment Jerry walked out, I thought it was hilarious. Then the Bella twins catfighting and Jerry right in the middle of it, , that’s hilarious. Then Stephanie coming and trying to break them up and falling on her behind, that’s hilarious. The commentary was even hilarious “Jerry’s down! Jerry’s down!” Even Jerry’s bodyguard not doing a thing until it was all over was hilarious.

    One of the few segments on Raw the past few months that genuinely made me laugh out loud. What are these dumb fans talking about, the worst segment in history, some people have no sense of humor.

    • Michael Wiseman

      “Stupid”? Strong words.

      I didn’t think the Springer segment was awful. I just think it needed something extra. It felt a little lame – like, I wish they had spiced it up a little bit more, added more of that “Jerry Springer!” style. Instead, it was just a little lame. But that’s why WWE books shows like this – some things you like, others hate, and vice-versa.

      • Avatar

        The “Jerry Springer” style is a joke. Somehow I doubt they wanted to turn that segment into a “Jerry Springer Show” style segment.

        And, by all intents and purposes, it was a Jerry Springer style segment. From bringing in the clips from the parents, to bringing in the brother who gets slapped, to having the girls catfight and everyone trying to break it up, it was Jerry Springer-ish. I don’t see what more they could’ve done for that segment, without completely changing the storyline and adding some twisted twist.

        Clearly, they wanted Springer on the show to get some publicity, and bring in a celebrity to boost peoples interest. They’ll have him go out, stage some kind of intervention, which obviously wasn’t going to pan out or you kill the story right then and there. Nobody expected this intervention to work, so I don’t see what more they could’ve hoped to create with it.

        What they did create, in my eyes, was a hilarious segment. It was comedy gold, for anyone with a sense of humor. Just seeing Jerry fall on the ground with the Bellas on top of him fighting and pulling hair, I thought was comedic. Then the brother gets slapped in the face by accident, the whole thing was comedic. How they managed to pull it off, in my eyes, was incredibly comedic.

        Again, don’t see what they could’ve done to add more to it, if you have some ideas, I’d like to hear them.

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