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Report: Sean O’Haire Committed Suicide

TMZ.com claims to have talked to local police, who told the crash “news” site (term used loosely) that Sean O’Haire committed suicide. They reported that O’Haire was found sitting next to his bed, with a rope tied around his neck and the bedpost. He was discovered by his father.

For now, take this with a grain of salt –  the coroner still says the cause of death is unknown at this time. Early stories implied Sean O’Haire passed peacefully, and until official word is released (either from the coroner or local police), any news about Sean O’Haire’s death is simply speculation.

On Tuesday, friends, fans, and former coworkers took to social media in memory of Sean O’Haire. They spoke of a professional wrestler who was great to work with, and who possessed a dynamic look. Many fans were disappointed his career never amounted to more. He was a multi-time tag-team champion. After wrestling, he settled down to become a personal trainer, and was known to be a practicing Buddhist.

This is just the latest in a series of tragic wrestler deaths this year. While professional wrestling is an industry asunder with heartache, death, and controversy, the industry has taken great strides in recent years to better itself. WWE has implemented a strict “zero tolerance” policy for drugs and steroids. The company has reached out to former stars and sponsored them in rehab. There have been numerous stories about how wrestlers are better preparing for their future outside of the ring instead of simply living in the moment. And concussion issues have been brought into the limelight.

As more information about Sean O’Haire is released, we’ll keep you posted.

You can read the obituary of Sean O’Haire here. A “Celebration of Life” visitation will be held Saturday, in Spartanburg, SC, at his home.


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