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Twitter Reactions to the Death of Sean O’Haire

Tragedy struck the professional wrestling community again yesterday when it was reported that Sean O’Haire, a former champion in WCW and WWF/WWE, had passed.

While O’Haire passed away on Monday, news didn’t break until late Tuesday via social media channels. Ex-WCW star Scotty Riggs was the first to react.

Since then, a deluge of professional wrestlers have commented on Sean O’Haire’s passing, with many commenting on his superstar look and great work quality.

Impact Wrestling star MVP put it into perspective with his own life.

And many fans have started sharing his ‘Devil’s Advocate’ videos, an offshoot of his final major gimmick in WWE. As the ‘Devil’s Advocate,’ Sean O’Haire wore a long trench coat, had stringy black hair, and would encourage other superstars to do something less-than-family-friendly. Around 2003, Sean O’Haire went under the tutelage of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, but still never found single’s success.

Most people felt that Sean O’Haire had a major upside. His look was phenomenal, his in-ring work was crisp, he was solid on the mic, and he could perform an incredible swanton bomb. But for some reason, the character never clicked. O’Haire traveled to Japan and wrestled overseas for a few years. Eventually, he hung up his tights, and decided to other endeavors such as kickboxing and MMA.

His family said he passed peacefully in his South Carolina home. However, his cause of death is still under investigation.

Out condolences go out to his friends, family, and fans.

If you were a Sean O’Haire fan, or have an O’Haire story, feel free to share in our comment section below.

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