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Vince Russo Can’t Stop Complaining About Spike TV

Words were exchanged recently between ex-TNA, WWF, and WCW writer Vince Russo, and Impact Wrestling network Spike TV.

Russo felt empowered to call Spike TV out for what he considered mis-handling of the TNA brand. In reality, Vince Russo was probably just upset that Spike TV didn’t appreciate Dixie Carter’s secret working relationship with him, (something he initially denied before screwing up and revealing it to the world) and he felt the need to lash out. You can’t make this stuff up, folks. And Spike TV didn’t take his comments lightly. VP of Communications at Spike, David Schwarz, released a statement yesterday that publicly praised his network’s relationship with TNA, before turning the tables and calling Vince Russo a nobody.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Now, Vince Russo is firing back – AGAIN.

In an article released on his website today, he said he “laughed out loud” at Schwarz’s statement. He then questioned David Schwarz’s assertion that Russo is a “nobody”:

Where do you start? Really? I guess the obvious–Schwarz states in his comments that as it pertains to me, “Nobody cares, or knows who he (Vince Russo) is.” yet, four sentences later he states, “What Vince Russo is saying is complete nonsense.” My question? It’s really a simple one: why, Mr. Schwarz, are either you, or the executives at Spike TV even concerned—for one second—with the opinions of someone who you don’t even know? Is that not odd and confusing to you? I can’t even fathom that a television network doesn’t have bigger issues on its plate as opposed to commenting on the opinions of a total stranger.

If that’s not enough, Russo then lambasted Spike TV by comparing it unfavorably to (WWE home) USA Network:

I can go on all day here, but I really don’t have to. David Schwarz does a fine job of his own painting a picture of WHO Spike TV is, WHAT Spike TV represents and the exact reasons why I laid out through my “opinions” WHY I believe that Spike is inept and a horrible partner for TNA Wrestling. Do you think, in even your wildest Vince Russo imagination, that Bonnie Hammer, the former top brass at the USA Network who I worked with on occasion for the five years that I was employed by the WWE, would have wasted one second of her time constructing a ridiculous statement such as this? Regarding someone who she “didn’t even know?” Of course she wouldn’t. But, that’s why USA Network is USA Network, and Spike TV is . . . well . . . .Spike TV.

Interesting to note that Russo brought up his working relationship with Bonnie Hammer, former “top brass” at USA Network as he put it, both yesterday and today. But Russo then used this feud – and Schwarz’s “nobody” comment – as a chance to absolve himself of ALL responsibility in TNA likely not getting its TV contract renewed:

But, whatever the case, Dave, I do humbly thank you for clearing my name in regards to the opinions of certain internet reporters who were hootin’ and hollerin’ a month ago about Vince Russo being the reason that Spike TV wasn’t going to renew their deal with TNA. By stating that Spike “doesn’t know me”, that clearly frees me of all charges.

And there you have it, folks. Even without being involved in the company, Vince Russo is STILL finding ways to keep his name in the limelight, and live off his glory days in TNA. The fact that we’re all talking about this (and that I’m even writing these words, or posting this article) is proof that Russo’s hype-machine is still full steam ahead. If we could only go back to simpler times

What do you think about the Vince Russo and Spike TV/David Schwarz “war of words”? Is Russo justified in his comments? Or does he need to shut-up and let sleeping dogs lie? Let us know in the comments below!


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