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Happy Birthday, Paul Heyman!

Today is the day, folks. The former owner of ECW, manager, promoter, WWE/F creative staff member, commentator, and overall wrestling demigod turns another year older.

Paul Heyman is 49, only one year shy of the big 5-0. For comparison, his client Brock Lesnar (you know, the one who defeated the streak?) is 37. ECW mainstay Rob Van Dam is 43. Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan is 33, and “Paul Heyman Guy” CM Punk is one month away from being 36.

But as popular as Paul Heyman is with the fans, he’s also a media force outside of professional wrestling. He runs the website Heyman Hustle, which covers a variety of media and entertainment news. He’s also the co-founder and executive producer for The Looking4Larry Agency, an innovative and interactive ad agency based out of New York. His promotional skill extend well beyond the squared-circle (or, “somewhere other than between the ropes” – see what I did there?) having once been named one of Advertising Age’s Top 100 Global Marketers. I wonder if he cuts scathing promos for all his clients?

So maybe Paul Heyman’s birthday isn’t breaking news. Maybe being one year older is just a part of life. But in a tragedy-filled week, and in one of the worst down periods for wrestling in recent memory, it seemed worth celebrating a man who personifies what fans love about the sport.

Thanks, Paul Heyman. Happy 49th.

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