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More Possible Insight Into Sean O’Haire Suicide

Tragedy struck the wrestling communicating earlier in the week with the death of Sean O’Haire, and rumors that he ended his own life placed an even darker shadow on the situation. Now, TMZ has an even more startling revelation.

The crash news site is reporting via its TMZ Sports section that Sean O’Haire was admitted to WWE-sponsored rehab multiple times over the past six years. One of those trips was earlier in 2014. Upon leaving rehab, WWE tried to reach out and support the struggling former superstar, but was unable to make contact. TMZ describes him as “M.I.A.” The site also says he was in rehab for a “nasty alcohol addiction” (their words, not ours).



This paints a strange picture. Not in a former wrestler suffering from addiction – unfortunately, that’s often the norm. Superstars like Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Scott Hall, and countless others, have spent years battling drug habits and alcohol dependencies they’ve picked up in the business. But Sean O’Haire was not known to suffer from the same dark demons as his peers. Part of that is because he led a relatively private life upon retiring from the squared-circle in 2006. He pursued kickboxing, MMA, before eventually becoming a hair stylist. Recently he even worked as a personal trainer in Spartanburger, South Carolina.

That’s not to say Sean O’Haire was faultless. He was arrested in 2009 for assaulting his girlfriend (charges that were later dropped), and then arrested again in late 2011 for battery.

But there were never any rumors of drug or alcohol abuse.

Our thoughts continue to be with those closest to Sean O’Haire during this tough time. Various wrestling personalities also sent their condolences earlier in the week.

Let’s hope that the professional wrestling business continues to improve its working conditions, and that tragedies like this (or this, or this) become the exception rather than the norm.


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