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Dean Ambrose: Missing But Not Forgotten

Dean Ambrose was starting to be really breaking new ground in terms of his popularity going to that next level. The long feud he has been having with Seth Rollins has really allowed him to shine as a performer. It seems to go against logic to suggest that as he was just starting to peak his going away for a movie role is a good thing. Strangely, it has been though, as fans have noticed his absence from a product that without him has not been entertaining them.

Therefore, this would make Dean Ambrose, not guilty by lack of affiliation with this stuff to a degree. The polar opposite of guilty by association might be a better way to put it.

Ambrose’s absence also proves something else that sometimes a little absence does make the heart grow fonder of someone. You don’t need to be here every week for the fans to still love you and respect you. John Cena was wrong it looks like about needing to be here every week.

Ambrose is just on a different level. He keeps improving with the more opportunity he is afforded allowing him to shine. Every movement from the moment he enters your television screen or live in person when he walks through the curtain means something. He is a master of using his facial expressions to tell or further a story. He can get more by saying nothing than many guys can in a five-minute promo on the microphone. This is not to suggest that Ambrose can’t talk himself, as he most certainly can, but all the facial expressions and body language is what takes him to being a next level performer.

I might be crazy to think it, but I even think Ambrose might do well in this movie he’s off shooting. WWE Studios does not have a great history of creating cinematic classics. The only person dying to see a “Marine 5” flick is The Miz. Ambrose seems like a guy that could be good at acting if he wanted to focus on that. Right now, he still has many goals left to accomplish in the wrestling world.

While some were upset to see Ambrose written off television, this might have been the best thing for him, as it seems that fans are getting excited to see him return. The reaction he gets once he does could be to a level we have yet to see for any of “The Shield” as individual superstars.

When the group was first formed, a great many people saw Ambrose as the most talented and Reigns as the guy with the look the WWE would go for. A couple of years later the same might still be true with Reigns not so quietly grooming to be the next one to be “the face” of this company. While Ambrose is being loved and cheered by the loyal hardcore wrestling fans that truly, appreciate the performer that he is.

While some might say the timing was bad for him having to leave, I think the timing has benefited him, creating a buzz for his return that could or should push him to the next level of WWE stardom.  The lunatic fringe, as the WWE labels him, might just be in the end crazy like a fox.

The WWE is in bad need of some kind of a spark and a returning Dean Ambrose might just be that guy to catch lightning in a bottle.

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