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Video: Bray Wyatt Promotes Raw on Lafayette Morning Show

Bray Wyatt is definitely his own guy.  And that really stands out in his WWE persona as this dark, mysterious man with his own set of beliefs which really isn’t too far from the real man.

So, it was quite interesting a few months ago when the WWE decided to have Wyatt start speaking with the media to promote various live events like the one he did with me for this website (which happened to be his first on-camera interview of its kind).  He finds a way to be so interesting and crack the door open just a little to see what’s behind it without giving too much away.  And who said that kayfabe was dead?

With “Monday Night Raw” in Lafayette, LA tonight, Wyatt was on a local morning TV show to promote the event.  Just watch his performance and really pay attention to the two anchors with him on set.

The female anchor, Tracy, in particular was enamored with Wyatt and his “war wounds” which she claimed were “crazy” to go along with his great eyes which elicits nothing but laughter from Wyatt.

And when Tracy admits that the other anchor said she would be scared by Wyatt, Bray countered by saying that “you’re busy falling in love”.  The two of them playing googly eyes while giggling throughout the rest of the interview is quite the scene and I think we know Tracy’s tastes in men.

Meanwhile, the male anchor knows his wrestling, referencing Sister Abigail as Wyatt’s finisher and how he went through both The Shield and John Cena earlier this year.  On this stage, he served more to seemingly block Tracy and Bray from their good time more than anything.

Wyatt, with his raspy voice, goes on to say that he is there to “resuscitate the world” and that he is very impulsive and never disappoints.

At the end, Wyatt did say that if he could meet anyone in the ring it would be Sting and he would “really like that”.  First things first … I think he needs to at least get some primo tickets for his new friend Tracy.

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