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WWE 2K15 Delayed

It was announced today that WWE 2k15 will be seeing a delay on next-generation consoles.

The premiere wrestling game, making its debut on Xbox One and Playstation 4 this year, won’t be out on the newest consoles until November 18th.

In a statement released today, the president of Visual Concepts Greg Thomas said, “Visual Concepts and Yuke’s are committed to delivering the most authentic and action-packed WWE experience to date, including release for the very first time on next-generation consoles.” He also added, “The additional development time enables our talented teams to ensure the WWE 2K15 next-gen experience fully meets our expectations.”



Interestingly enough, the current-generation versions (or previous-gen if you want to get technical) are still on track for an October 28th release date. But those Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers will be without 2k’s new MyCareer mode. The MyCareer mode, modeled after a similar feature of sister-series NBA 2k, is exclusive to next-generation (or, current-generation, again depending on your perspective) systems, and will allow players to follow the evolution of their created superstar or diva. Both versions will also feature Sting, a first for a WWE video game.

Earlier this year rumors broke that WWE 2k15 was being pushed back to next spring to coincide with Wrestlemania, but those rumors were quickly dismissed. There has also been talk that a recent lawsuit by CM Punk, who is heavily featured in the game’s “2K Showcase” mode against John Cena, might delay production. But it didn’t sound like that’s the official reason for today’s delay.

Is this a bad sign? Recently released game play shots look gorgeous. Also, 2K Sports had a huge media presence at this year’s SummerSlam, giving press access to Daniel Bryan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Sting, and more. But the delay obviously favors Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game who get more than two-week lead time over their next-generation competition.

And if you can’t handle the wait, there’s always WWE SuperCard.

Does this change your excitement for WWE 2K15 at all? Which version are you planning on buying?

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