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Guess What … John Cena is Already a Heel

Monday’s edition of Raw may have been one of the worst shows in a while, but it did give the fans something they wanted without actually giving them what they wanted: a John Cena heel turn.

“What are you talking about?” you might be asking your monitor. Well I’m here to tell you. A bit of a recap: John Cena faced Brock Lesnar at Summerslam for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and not only lost in what amounted to a vicious squash match, but he lost as cleanly as possible to the biggest, baddest guy in the company.

$15 off $100+ with code WWEAFF15_125x125Over the course of the next few weeks, nothing about that really changed. Cena got all mad, demanding his title match and then got even more mad when the two people in charge of the company suggested that maybe, just maybe, Cena couldn’t touch The Beast.

A real “good guy” would say “yes, I can” and wait for the pay-per-view to prove whether or not he could actually do it. But John Cena isn’t some lame, uncool good guy. He has to look as awesome and dominant as possible, embarrassing anyone and everyone in his path who dares make him look weak or vulnerable for more than five seconds.

He proceeds to beat, kidnap and imprison Lesnar’s manager, Paul Heyman, simply because he’s angry and he wants to draw out Brock Lesnar. How is this someone kids cheer for? What is he proving other than he’s a giant, muscular child who hurts people when he wants something? It could be argued Paul Heyman mouthed off to Cena leading into this, which fine, but maybe a punch to the face is justifiable. Kidnapping him and having the Great Khali make sure he can’t leave is as awful as you can think of, yet this is the guy the WWE sees as a face. It is mind-boggling.

Even more mind-boggling is that Heyman and Lesnar are supposed to be the bad guys here. Lesnar won a match fair and square, lets his little manager talk him up and that’s all. That’s it. He’s done nothing nefarious, unless “winning a wrestling match with authority” is nefarious.

The fact that Cena can do what he did and be applauded for it by anyone is both stupid and denying that he’s already a heel. He’s a jerk. He says awful things to people for simply existing, beats up whoever he feels like beating up for whatever reason he can think of and then gets super pissy when things don’t go his way. He may not be attacking the good guys, but it doesn’t matter. He’s 1990s Hulk Hogan: a heel hiding in good guy clothing.

So to those on the ‘net hoping for a John Cena heel turn: he’s been heel for years.

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