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Santino is Ready for a Comeback

While he wasn’t the most physical wrestler and was better known for being a comedy figure, Santino Marella had been dealing with some major injuries from taking bumps in the ring.  So much so that he had three neck surgeries before announcing his in-ring retirement on July 6 during a WWE house show in Toronto.

He was ready to hang it up and focus on other projects like his “Battle Arts Academy” in Mississauga, Ontario training wrestling and MMA.  But just a few months after he called it quits, Santino is now on the comeback trail.

The ‘Milan Miracle’ announced that he has undergone yet another neck surgery and hopes to get back in the ring which he wrote about on his Facebook page:

Surgery went well, there were some unexpected broken bones in my neck apparently but everything is looking good now, let the legendary comeback begin! 6 months till I get to do what I was born to do again, perform in front of the wwe universe

That’s quite the aspiration for someone who has had multiple neck surgeries.  Here’s some more details regarding the procedure from Santino on Twitter:

That someplace is his “Battle Arts Academy” and he goes on to say that he can start training on a spin bike in a couple of weeks.  And if he can get cleared and return to a WWE ring, it would deserve a celebration.

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