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Shane Helms Talks OMEGA, Monday Night War and Crazy Bumps

omegasept21Shane Helms joins the podcast to talk about this Saturday’s OMEGA show in Smithfield, NC — Loco in Joco 2! — that includes himself, Matt and Jeff Hardy and a host of others, being friends with the Hardy’s for so long, being so active on social media, remembering the Monday Night War, if Twitter had been around then, how much wrestling he watches now, the recent WWE and TNA Wrestling shows, why he’s not working for TNA, being in Stamford, CT recently, the current indy scene, how often he would like to run OMEGA shows, crazy Jeff Hardy bumps, the craziest one he ever took and more.

Find out more about OMEGA at OmegaChampionshipWrestling.com including this Saturday’s show that will also include the Hardy’s, Scotty 2 Hotty, CW Anderson, the cast of Lizard Lick Towing along with the Carolina Music Awards Female Country Artist of the Year, Amanda Daughtry who will sing the National Anthem.  Make sure to follow Shane on Twitter @ShaneHelmscom.

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