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WWE Debuting New Superstars on Monday?

Interesting news from the WWE hype-machine today. This morning, the company’s official Twitter account put out an ominous message that read, “You’ve waited long enough… Prepare yourself for the next generation. 9/22/2014”

Exciting, no?

Now, who knows what WWE is hinting at with the tweet… it could be something rather mundane (a new line of action figures, perhaps? Maybe a new show on the WWE Network?), or it could be something that changes the WWE landscape. A phrase like “new generation” has endless possibilities – but fans on Twitter are hoping for fresh superstar blood. It’s also worth noting that the date (9/22) coincides with an episode of RAW, not NXT or Smackdown.



Let’s go back a few years. When NXT first debuted in 2010, only one star “won” a WWE contract. But Wade Barrett didn’t make his RAW debut alone; instead, he brought everybody that had been on the show – from Michael Tarver, to Daniel Bryan – along with him to RAW, and created Nexus. It was one of those classic “RAW moments.” Fans talked about it for months, Nexus was a mainstay on WWE television into the next year, and Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, and few others became household names.

Since then, of course, NXT has evolved into it’s own brand. No longer is it an “ECW on Syfy” faux-reality substitute. Instead, it acts like a mini-WWE, with unique championships, superstars, ring-colors, and announce teams.  And so the likelihood of WWE being invaded by NXT (again) is probably rather slim. But could WWE be looking to bring up some of it’s developmental talent? Quite possibly. In the last year superstars like Bo Dallas, Adam Rose, Xavier Woods, and Rusev have all become mainstays on the main WWE roster. And since the debut of the WWE Network, NXT is hotter than ever.

Internet fans are hoping it means Hideo Itami, Prince Devitt, and Kevin Steen are USA Network bound. Unlikely. Those superstars haven’t been through the developmental system, and while ultra-talented, are not yet ready (in WWE’s eyes, at least) for the big show. More likely are NXT stalwarts Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze, Adrian Neville, and (oddly enough) Tyson Kidd. Those guys have been proving themselves for months, they have a dedicated fan base, and executed a perfect coda to their developmental careers at NXT TakeOver 2.

Or who knows? Maybe we should be prepare for disappointment – maybe this is nothing more than hype for a new season of Total Divas. With WWE’s track record, I wouldn’t be surprised.

What do you expect on Monday Night Raw? Let us know in the comments below!

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