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BREAKING NEWS: Roman Reigns Undergoes Emergency Surgery

WWE.COM is reporting that Roman Reigns will be undergoing emergency surgery today, just over 24 hours before the Night of Champions (2014) pay-per-view.

Not much is known at this time. He was rushed a Nashville, Tennessee hospital for surgery on an incarcerated hernia. He had been in the area to promote WWE’s Night of Champions event, but now, it looks like he might not even make the event himself. The website says “his recovery time will be evaluated by the local surgeon and WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann following today’s operation.”

It doesn’t sound good. Unlike some hernias, an incarcerated hernia is considered a medical emergency, which requires immediate treatment to avoid medical complications. They can cause blockage or other digestive issues. Incarcerated hernias can also cut off the blood supply, causing other long-term damage or serious concerns.

For a typical person, recovery from an incarcerated hernia takes about 1 to 2 weeks, while strenuous exercise is to be avoided for approximately 4 weeks. This means Reigns is definitely out for tomorrow night’s pay-per-view. It also means Reigns might not be competing for up to a month (or more) depending on how surgery goes. Hopefully, he’ll be back in time for WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, but that’s a fairly quick turnaround.

Questions remain about how this affects Reigns and his current push. His feud with Rollins will likely either be prematurely ended or postponed. There were also rumors that Reigns might be in line to face Brock Lesnar (depending on who wins the match between him and John Cena tomorrow night). WWE might be in scramble mode if the creative team had booked Reigns to ease into that main-event slot coming out of Night of Champions.

It’s also possible the injury is a worked angle, which might explain why WWE gave away its Reigns vs. Rollins match on RAW this past week. If so, it opens the door for a returning Dean Ambrose. Are you ready for Ambrose vs. Rollins round III?

We’ll keep you updated as we find out more.

(via WWE.COM)

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