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Is Sting Coming to RAW?

Not on board the WWE hype train yet? Well buckle-up, because things just got a little more interesting.

On Friday, a tweet came out implying we might see some new faces on Monday Night RAW.  Speculation at the time was about NXT stars finally making the jump to WWE’s flagship show. Late Saturday, another social media response – eerily similar to the one from Friday, but with much bigger implications – showed up on Twitter.



Former WCW mainstay Sting signed with WWE earlier this year. Shortly after the ink dried, rumors circulated that he was coming to RAW, but it turned out to be nothing more than hype for WWE 2k15. Still, Sting has been working on building a good relationship with WWE through the 2k15 video game, and even appeared at the SummerSlam panel this past August to promote the game, himself, and wrestling.

But it hasn’t led to a WWE television appearance… yet.

Sting’s tweet from Saturday might just be more fuel for the WWE 2k15 fire. It might be nothing more than another commercial, a promotional video, or any number of things not directly related to the current TV product. But it’s interesting that the tweet came only days after WWE initially hyped something big for RAW. Also, on the heels of another superstar falling to injury, and with Monday Night Football bringing stiff ratings competition, WWE needs something big to make RAW feel special. And if Sting does appear, it’s worth saying that it would be his first apperance in a WWE ring.

It’s not an impossibility, either. Both sides have been working on a deal, and Sting has always been one of Vince McMahon’s favorite “WCW Guys.” Plus, the draw of having Sting perform at Wrestlemania (even if it isn’t against the aging Undertaker), would be spectacular. It’s one of the few possible special moments left in this era of “one major wrestling promotion.”

On the other hand, it would be weird to hype Sting’s first appearance like this. The company would likely want to pull out all the stops. Sting’s first appearance would be a major television event (like when Bret Hart returned a few years ago), so giving it away as a surprise might undermine the much-needed ratings spike.

But if Sting is coming to RAW, does this mean he’s pairing up with NXT guys? Guess we’ll find out on Monday…

Do you want to see Sting in a WWE ring? What’s your Sting dream match in WWE? Let us know in the comments below!

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