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WWE 2K15 First Gameplay Trailer

First footage from the WWE 2K15 video game debuted this morning. It features various superstar entrances, in-ring action, and a look at the next-gen visuals designed by the 2K games team. You can check it out below:



As you can see from the WWE 2k15 trailer above, the game is looking… quite alright. It’s not as good in-action as the high-res pictures had us believing from a few months ago, but then again, this is an internet-piped video being compressed for the masses. It might look better on my shiny new Xbox One. Even so, this is 2K Games’ first foray onto the new Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles, so the company gets a little slack. Still, there’s no excuse for using Kid Rock’s outdated “Bawitdaba” in the hype video.

The trailer shows glimpses of Bray Wyatt, Rob Van Dam, Kane, The Undertaker, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, and (everybody’s favorite) John Cena.

Even if you’re not impressed by the graphics, this is the first year that 2K Games is making the wrestling simulator it truly wants. Last year, it picked up the long-running series from THQ in bankruptcy court, and still delivered a new game with fresh content. The company didn’t have time to change much, or redesign the gameplay in radical ways, so WWE 2k14 was seen more as an “evolution” than “revolution.”

This year is different. 2K went back to the drawing board, re imagining the grapple system, gameplay dynamics, and graphics. The company reportedly spent weeks on the road with WWE making sure to get as many superstars motion-captured as possible. Not only that, but they recorded hours of audio with Cole and Lawler together in a booth, and are adding countless new features, including a “My Career” mode, where you take your superstar from NXT status to Hall of Fame glory. This year’s game will also be the much-hyped WWE debut of Sting.

Last week, the new console versions were delayed by a few extra days, but hopefully that means 2K is taking the time to get everything right. The company has already announced a stellar roster, and has also been promoting the game heavily at live events.

So does this WWE 2K15 trailer get you any more excited for the game? It’s set for an October 28th release date on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but next-gen gamers on Xbox One and Playstation 4 will have to wait until November 18th.

(trailer via IGN)

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