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WWE Night of Champions (2014) Review

Last night’s Night of Champions was essentially nothing more than SummerSlam round II. Nevertheless, it was headlined by what looked to be an excellent championship rematch on paper, and the undercard featured every champion in action. Did that make it a winner? Or did a controversial finish undermine an otherwise excellent outing? Read on to find out…

Make sure to check out our WWE Night of Champions (2014) post-show for full thoughts on everything that happened at last night’s Pay-Per-View.



Let me go ahead and say: Randy Orton and Chris Jericho stole the show. Yes, naysayers might disagree… and there was one other bout that almost got my “match of the night” honors… but these two legends delivered beyond expectations. The nearfalls were exciting, the drama was palpable, and each performer sold this fight like his life depended on it. Unfortunately, the terrible build to this match left many fans indifferent, but if you could look beyond that, this “wrestling classic” had it all.

Sheamus and Cesaro also earned my respect. These two guys beat the living hell out of each other, and had welts, bruises, and bumps to show for it. This was an old fashion, old school brawl, and helped give fans a taste of something different (on a gimmick-free card). I’d love to see these guys fight again and again – or, if you need two guys to bring back “hardcore,” or want someone who can sell the cell (get it?), look no further.

I know it’s cliche at this point, but I enjoyed The Miz and Dolph Ziggler, and think creative made the right choice by putting the strap back on “the moneymaker.” We’ve seen these two deliver fantastic back-and-forth contests before (consider the night after WWE Battleground), so getting Sandow, R-Truth, and Florida Georgia Line involved was fine. Buy why did Miz deserve the belt, you ask? Because his character benefits from having it way more than Ziggler’s does. Dolph Ziggler is loved, champion or not – but the belt gives fans even more reasons to hate The Miz.

The Divas triple-threat contest was better than I expected. I’m still curious why they put the belt BACK on AJ Lee. Not disappointed… just curious.

Rusev vs. Mark Henry was nothing more than filler. I bet Henry is drying his patriotic tears today with bald eagle feathers.

The Tag-Team contest between Gold and Star Dust and The Usos was pretty dang good. All these guys consistently deliver entertaining feuds. I’m just hoping there’s more to Cody in the coming months.

That main event… well… it was enjoyable. Entertaining, even. These guys told a story – John Cena got his revenge, Brock Lesnar still dominated, and Seth Rollins got to share TV time with two main-event heavyweights. A lot of fans hated the finish because it wasn’t clean. I hated the finish because it saw John Cean tear Brock Lesnar apart after Cena was killed for 15 minutes straight (again). I’m just sick of Cena not selling anything. Still, a DQ keeps the feud alive, and the “potential cash-in” spot made for five minutes of immensely entertaining TV. Question: does Brock Lesnar set his sights on Rollins now?


Other Thoughts

Dean Ambrose is hot, hot hot. He’s the only guy who can do WHATEVER he wants and still draw cheers. He’s got that ‘Steve Austin’ bad-boy factor down perfectly.

-For those confused: Triple H HAD to arrest Dean Ambrose for not paying his cab fee. That’s why. It had nothing to do with the open challenge.

-Man, Lilian Garcia never ceases to amaze me. Her voice is incredible.

-Welcome back, Christian. Don’t know what “career on hiatus” means, but I hope it’s over soon.


Overall Show: 11 German Suplexes out of 16

Fans were upset on Twitter last night. I disagree. The whole card was fairly entertaining (if not a little front-heavy), and the main-event told the story it needed to. Did we get a clean finish? Nope, but would you have rather seen Cena leave Night of Champions with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Didn’t think so.

Give us your take on WWE Night of Champions (2014), and that controversial finish, in the comments below!

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