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WWE RAW Rating Doesn’t Move the Needle

It’s pretty hard to make heads-or-tails of WWE RAW these days. The creative direction has been tepid, no doubt, but in the face of fiercer Monday competition, the RAW rating continues to surprise.

Last week’s go-home show hovered below 4 million viewers. Monday Night Football on ESPN was partially responsible for that, delivering with a hot game breaking up to a 5.8 share (13 million viewers) in the 18-49 demo. This week, NFL leveled off at a 5.2 (hampered by a lackluster Bears/Jets match up), which gave WWE Raw a chance to rise.

The breakdown is as follows:

8:00pm – 1.4, 4 million viewers

9:00pm – 1.3, 3.79 million viewers

10:00pm – 1.3, 3.87 million viewers


With the debut of new shows like Gotham, and the return of ratings monsters The Voice and Dancing With the Stars, WWE has to be happy the rating didn’t drop. No, it didn’t break any new ground. However, Brock Lesnar was not advertised (despite being at Night of Champions), no guest were invited, and the show suffered from a distinct feeling of “been there, done that.” Even the anticipation of something new didn’t give RAW a much-needed spark. So maybe “just getting by” isn’t so bad?

More interesting, however, is the RAW rating for the 10pm hour. Last week, the show dropped sharply as the night went on. But this week the viewership rebounded a little. It might be because Randy Orton vs John Cena was a hot main-event rematch, or it might simply be because fans tuned away from the (fairly competitive) football contest on ESPN. Still, WWE needs the Raw Rating to rise during that last hour if it hopes to keep up momentum. 8pm is supposed to be the opening contest, not the highlight of the night.

With fans clamoring for more engaging content, it will be interesting to see how RAW fares in the coming weeks.

Do you think the RAW Rating is indicative of a bigger problem? Will you keep tuning in each week? Let us know below!

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