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It’s Bunny Season For WWE Raw

When Adam Rose debuted on WWE television, it would be hard to believe that less than six months later we are talking about him tag teaming with a bunny from his entourage but here we are. So how did we get here to one of those cringe worthy moments in WWE history, or is it some harmless fun in the grand scheme of things?

First off, this entire thing started with us as fans, when speculation about who was the WWE bunny became the cool social media topic of the day. Fuel was added to the fire by Dolph Ziggler, who always keeps track of these trends with fans when he claimed that Zack Ryder is the bunny. It eventually became part of the ongoing shenanigans on the JBL and Cole show. This leaked into commentary with JBL’s just insane hate for the bunny. Now we have a reached the point that the bunny is doing moves and having matches.

It likely never started as an actual gimmick to launch someone, but it appears to have become just that. While the real answer to the who is the bunny is likely many different people over the history of the character, all that matters is who it is when the bunny head comes off at the end of the day. Thus far we have not, thankfully, had a “Shockmaster Moment” with someone losing their bunny head on television to this point. And given some of the high-flying stuff the bunny has been doing recently that is pretty remarkable.

Many feel the current man in the bunny suit is Sami Zayn, but he will not be the one eventually revealed as the bunny. Another popular theory is that Darren Young, who we have not seen in quite some time, will end up being the bunny. This might just be people trying to make sense of why the bunny has decided to get involved with Titus O’Neil. Young did have a short feud with O’Neil that never really clicked with fans in the break-up of the Prime Time Players tag team.

Do we consider this the WWE taking that step to far, being too cartoon like as they did back in the 90’s prior to when the seeds of the “Attitude Era,” were being planted? It might be in some respects. At the end of the day for my money, this should be a device to have someone attack Adam Rose and create a heel. That would be the best way to book it for me.

Let’s face facts: if Adam Rose was able to get over in the first place we never would have had BUNNYMANIA running wild. This is another thing and speaks to one of the issues Ryan Womeldorf  made about what is wrong with the WWE. Michael Cole treating the bunny with more excitement and passion than he does for a match for the Intercontinental championship is not helping while JBL is like a living breathing, Elmer Fudd come to life.

This is not a simple case of one person being at fault to where we have come with this whole rascally rabbit problem. We all are to blame a little for rabbit season taking shape in the WWE. Have they broken an unwritten rule by having the bunny compete in matches? Perhaps. And the other issue is having people actually losing to a bunny.

This is why, love it or hate it, the man who is in the bunny suit needs to be a credible performer and quickly distance them from it once revealed.

It all brings thoughts of a huge WWE disaster from 1990, in which an egg was set to hatch at Survivor Series that revealed the Goobledy Gooker. Come to find out, it was Hector Geurrero, part of the famous Geurrero clan that gave us Eddie, Chavo and Vicky in later years. It didn’t go well for Hector as the gimmick bombed instantly.

So, I hope it goes better for the bunny. To paraphrase an old Jim Ross line, that man in bunny suit has a family!

“Bunnymania” might be viewed as a low point to where wrestling has sunk or a strange start to a wrestling career in the WWE for someone. It could be both and we’ll have to let history and time ultimately tell the story.

In a WWE that sucks at long-term booking at times, they have stumbled into a long-term angle that has caught people’s interest in who is the bunny. It might not be who shot J.R (Ewing not Ross) but it is something. It’s not as if the bunny is challenging Brock Lesnar for the title yet. So relax and enjoy the insanity would be my advice. You can get tell your grandchildren that wrestling was so bad I once watched a man wrestle in a bunny suit. You can’t make up horrible memories to share with your family like that.

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