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Former WWE Superstar and Green Ranger Team Up for New Series

Have you ever heard of Taz Kayden? Neither have we. But you’re probably familiar with the Power Rangers (think “original series,” not anything after they went into space), and you might remember a certain WWE superstar who did a wicked split-legged moonsault of the top rope.

Well, have I got news for you!

Ex-WWEer John Morrison has teamed up with longtime Power Rangers icon Jason Frank (the Green Ranger… then White Ranger… and much later, the Red Ranger) in a new series called ‘TAZ KAYDEN: Operation Black Unicorn.’ There’s also some guy named Kevin Porter along for the ride.

It’s being produced by popular internet studio (you’ve likely never heard of) Bat in the Sun, and set for a release this Winter.

So what is it about? No idea, but you can read what Jason Frank had to say:

This winter 2014 we’ll proudly bring to you this series where I will play the lead character, Taz Kayden. It was a great pleasure working with Aaron Schoenke, John Morrison, Kevin Porter, Jason Faunt and all the staff and crew involved. I can’t wait to show you all the hard work we have put into this project JDF

Still haven’t figure it out? Neither have I.

ComicBookHero.com describes it as “a mix between The Expendables franchise and FX’s hit series Archer, with a heavy comic-book influence” Not sure where they got that description, but I can tell you that one of those things is not like the others. In fact, I’m pretty sure they just picked three random testosterone-infused properties with hopes that fans of ‘generic guy stuff’ might tune into to Taz Kayden.

It’s still exciting to see John Morrison get work. I’m also a pretty big classic Power Rangers fan, so Jason Frank, a noted martial-arts extraordinaire, is enough of a selling point for me. And that Kevin Porter fellow apparently played Batman for a web series or something.

But don’t consider this a recommendation… just more of a mildly curious suggestion.

You can check out the FX video sampling work from studion Bat in the Sun below:

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