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Big Plans for Tonight’s WWE Raw

Tonight’s WWE RAW is shaping up to be a noteworthy show. Tweets from a legend today, along with comments from Cheif Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon, imply a few interesting things.

For starters, we’ve heard that Hulkamania is about to run wild on tonight’s WWE RAW. Although he hadn’t been previously advertised, a tweet from Hulk Hogan himself this morning pretty much guarantees an appearance.

While it is currently unclear what the Hulkster’s role could be on tonight’s show, he’s likely going to be promoting WWE 2k15 in some shape or form. With Hulk Hogan’s “Hulkamania” version of the game hitting shelves in just under a month (the collectors edition includes a slew of extras, including actual ring apron from Hogan’s return to WWE), 2k and WWE are in full hype mode, despite any recent setbacks. Whether or not Hogan will get involved in the current Brock Lesnar/John Cena storyline again remains to be seen.

Also, Stephanie McMahon has announced that we’ll see the debut of the Susan G. Komen ring on tonight’s RAW. Along with making a few sly comments about CM Punk (calling him an “interesting character,” and when asked about his return commenting “never say never”), she said that the company’s October set will debut. Traditionally, the company goes all pink for a month in honor of Susan G. Komen and breast cancer research. This includes ring ropes, superstar shirts, and more.

You can catch all her comments at the link below.

(via WGN TV)

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