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Did Hulk Hogan Help the WWE RAW Rating?

Well, Monday Night Football was a complete disaster for Patriots fans, Bill Belichick, and (most of all) Tom Brady. But did that mean success for WWE RAW? Did the promise of pink ring ropes and a certain legend increase WWE’s rating fortunes?

Kind of.

Here’s the breakdown:

8:00pm – 1.4 share, 4 million viewers

9:00pm – 1.5 share, 4.2 million viewers

10:00pm – 1.4 share, 3.8 million viewers

While those numbers aren’t great by any standard, WWE should feel happy that A) they didn’t drop below a 1.4 all night, and B) they captured a 1.5 share (something WWE RAW hadn’t done since the first week of September – the same night they had heavily hyped guest appearances and dubbed the show a “season premiere”). Yes, Monday Night Football was a dud. But RAW still managed to pull a respectable rating WITHOUT Brock Lesnar, WITHOUT a major guest star, and even did better than last weeks post-Pay Per View show.

But that 10 o’clock hour still looked rough. WWE hyped Hulk Hogan all night long, and Mr. America Hulkamania didn’t make his appearance until the show’s final hour. Likely, fans were turned out to a subpar show, and weren’t excited about the company repeating last-week’s main event featuring John Cena and Dean Ambrose in tag-team action.

So how does the company guarantee better ratings at this point? Who knows. WWE RAW, like the entire wrestling product, has become very stale. Fans are complaining and giving it up, and many stars are out of action. Yes, this is traditionally the company’s “off-season,” but it doesn’t look like the creative team is even trying to do something noteworthy. Maybe a part-time champion just wasn’t a great idea?

In better news, it looks like this is the low-point for wrestling ratings.

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