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WWE Raw Results: Ryback Returns, The Authority vs. John Cena

WWE Monday Night Raw
October 27, 2014
AT&T Center
San Antonio, Texas

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WWE Monday Night Raw Pre-Show:

Fans were shown entering the arena in San Antonio, Texas and Byron Saxton. Booker T, and Alex Riley checked in as hosts. They announced Hulk Hogan would appear, as well as Gold and Stardust vs. Big Show and Mark Henry, and John Cena vs. Seth Rollins. John Cena’s win from hell in a Cell was recapped and the panel wondered what this meant for Randy Orton and the Authority. They also talked Cena vs. Lesnar III. Bray Wyatt’s interference in the main event was recapped. A backstage video showed Mark Henry telling Big Show not to take it too hard. He said the WWE Universe understands. Show said the WWE Universe knows he’s a failure. He started to blame Henry a little and Henry told him they had a match for the tag titles. Big Show cheered up and they walked off. The panel put over Rusev and ran through the rest of the Hell in a Cell results. There will be  WWE Divas Championship Match AJ Lee will go against Alicia Fox. Also Dean Ambrose will take on Cesaro. The panel goes over their BOLD predictions for the show and that’s a wrap for the pre-show.

WWE Monday Night Raw: 

The Authority Segment: 

WWE Monday Night Raw starts off with The Authority’s music. We go right to the ring and Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kane are waiting as Lilian Garcia introduces them. Stephanie welcomes us. She says those who missed Hell In a Cell missed a helluva show but those who watched it on the WWE Network got more than their $9.99 worth. Triple H says it was a bittersweet night with the Cell matches but puts over Seth Rollins. Triple H calls Rollins out to the ring and here he comes with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble. Rollins limps to the ring but is all smiles as The Authority claps for him.

Stephanie wants a louder pop for Rollins but fans boo. A “you sold out” chant starts up. Rollins thanks the fans and says finally, the “Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose is out of his hair. Rollins says Ambrose is no longer a thorn in his side. Rollins says he proved intellect conquers every single time. Rollins takes credit for taking Ambrose out. Rollins says he’s moving on to John Cena now. We get dueling chants for Cena now. Rollins mocks the fans and says later tonight, he’s going to be able to “see” John Cena and leave him in a puddle of his own failure. Rollins’ music hits and The Authority celebrates but Randy Orton’s music hits and out he comes pissed off.

Orton is sorry to break up their little love-fest but he’s not happy with Rollins saying he’s the self-proclaimed future of WWE. Orton says maybe he lost last night because Rollins hit the Curb Stomp last week. Orton is going crazy and says he feels like checking himself back into anger management but he’s here because he made a promise – if The Authority didn’t deal with Rollins then he is… Orton drops the mic and attacks Rollins. They’re pulled apart but go back at it. Triple H gets in between and says they are not doing this here, tonight. Orton says he will calm down when Rollins is dead. Triple H tells Orton to take the night off, get on his bus and have a drink. Triple H says they will deal with this when it’s the right time but emotions are high from Hell In a Cell. Orton lays Rollins out with a RKO out of nowhere while Triple H is talking. Orton leaves the ring and heads to the back. Triple H is pissed. Orton’s music hits as Triple H orders The Stooges to get Rollins on his feet. Rollins is dazed and confused. Rollins stumbles out of the ring, apparently wanting to go after Orton.

First Match: WWE Tag Team Championship Match 
Gold and Stardust (c) vs. Mark Henry & Big Show

Goldust starts the match off with Henry.  Goldust taunts Henry and blows at him. Henry misses and Goldust beats him with right hands. Henry runs over Goldust with a big splash. Henry tosses Goldust across the ring and in comes Stardust. Stardust gets caught and Henry unloads in the corner. The Bigh Show tags in to a pop. Show takes Stardust to the other corner and works him over with big chops. Henry comes back in and drops Stardust with a right hand. Henry rams Stardust into the corner. Fans chant for Sexual Chocolate and Henry grinds a bit in the corner. Henry keeps up the attack on Stardust. Show tags himself in and Henry gets upset. Show tosses Stardust. Henry tags Show and they argue about the tag hurting. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Goldust is in control of Show. Show counters and drops Goldust on his face. Show with a submission until Stardust breaks it up. Henry comes in and runs over Stardust, who also tagged in. Henry with a headbutt. Henry goes for a slam but Stardust slides out and takes the knee out. Goldust comes back in and works over Henry. Show cheers on Henry. Stardust stomps away on the knee now. Henry finally counters but doesn’t go for a tag. Henry runs into a boot. Stardust nails a missile dropkick, sending Henry to the corner. Show tags himself in and takes Goldust out. He unloads on Stardust and hits a big spear. Show calls for a knockout punch and nails it on Stardust. Goldust runs in but Show tosses him to the floor. Henry comes in and has words with Show, apparently he wanted to take Goldust out. Henry nails a World’s Strongest Slam on Show out of nowhere. Stardust covers for the win. After the match, Henry yells at the champions from the ring as they make their exit. Show gets up and Henry waits. Henry hits another WSS on Show and the fans boo. Henry yells that nobody chumps him or hits him. Show gets to his feet again and Henry hits a third World’s Strongest Slam. Henry runs and drops a big splash on Show. Henry talks some more trash and fans boo as his music hits.

Winner: Still WWE Tag Team Champions Gold and Stardust

Back from commercial break Renee Young interviews Mark Henry. Young ask Henry why he turn his back on Big Show? Henry says that Show has always been jealous of him.

Roman Reigns Interview: 

We get Reigns live via satellite now. He says he’s getting better every day but there’s nothing cool about being on the sidelines and he’d do anything to be in San Antonio. JBL asks about Rollins vs. Ambrose at Hell In a Cell. Reigns says Ambrose is his boy and he knew he would bring it. Reigns says Rollins is a weasel and proved that last night. Reigns says Rollins is trying to prove he’s the future of WWE but when Reigns is medically cleared, he’s going to make Rollins the past. Believe that.

Second Match: WWE Divas Championship Match 
AJ Lee (c) vs. Alicia Fox w/Paige on Commentary

Paige is on commentary. She talls Fox her “bestie” and the announcers are confused. She plays off slapping her last night and calls her such a sweetheart. The “CM Punk” chants break out as Fox dropkicks AJ out of the ring. Paige explains all the ways Fox is like her on commentary. “I love the way she screams.” Now she’s talking about how she loves Alicia’s eyes. Paige is a mixture of lesbian and crazy on commentary while Fox dominates AJ in the ring. AJ hits a tornado DDT on Fox out of nowhere. That looked cool. Fox dropkicks AJ down. As she’s standing over AJ, Paige jumps off commentary and trips Fox from behind and screams at her to “win.” AJ rolls Fox up, 1-2-3.

After the match, Paige is begging for Fox’s forgiveness now. Fox is pissed though. Paige takes off one of her spiked bracelets and offers it to her. Fox takes it and as she does, Paige kicks her in the gut. She screams and continues to attack Fox on the floor. It’s a night of turning on people! Every segment or match has had one thus far. Lawler gets off commentary to go over and help Fox and try and get Paige to stop. Paige’s theme hits and she leaves.

Winner: Still WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee 

John Cena Segment: 

John Cena’s theme hits. Out he comes smiling. He makes his sprint to the ring and it’s time for his advertised promo. He says there’s a lot of energy out here, it’s almost like you’re about to win a championship. The fans chant “let’s go Spurs.” Cena says “let’s go Spurs, indeed.” He switches gears after getting that loud cheap pop to his win over Orton at Hell In A Cell. He talks about how he earned the right to challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He says while Lesnar sits at home thinking he’s a champion, he’s here every night fighting like one. He says whenever Lesnar decides to return, he’s going to win the title. He says from now on anything he does is going to be to send a message to Lesnar. Now he talks about what’s in store for tonight, talking about his scheduled match with Seth Rollins. He addresses The Authority talking about Rollins like he’s the future of WWE. He says he often says the future goes through me, but tonight “I go through the future.” He says tonight Rollins is going to go “face to face with the man who runs the place.”

Before he can continue, Stephanie McMahon’s theme hits. She makes her way to the ring. She congratulates Cena on his win. She says she can’t wait to see Cena and Rollins tonight. She says she also can’t wait for the Survivor Series where there will be a traditional elimination match. The fans start doing the “What?” chants at her. Steph mocks Cena for doing the Spurs cheap pop earlier. She continues talking but they chant Spurs at her, she says “see, even I can do it.” Cena interrupts her and says, “no, I’m listening to these people, something you should do.” She says “when you listen, do you hear them chant Cena sucks.” They instead chant “Cena! Cena! Cena!” and Cena smiles. Steph says, “oh that moves you don’t it? One arena chants your name when every other says you suck for the past ten years.” Steph says he shouldn’t fight for the fans approval. She says he could come to The Authority. He laughs at that idea. The fans chant “No! No! No!” She reminds him that he’s going to fight Lesnar again, the man who beat him up twice before. She says she thinks The Authority might be able to offer a little bit of insurance. She says they could help guarantee a victory. She tells him to think about it. Cena takes his hat off, scratches his head and walks away. She says maybe tonight the winner of Cena-Rollins could be the captain of “Team Authority” at Survivor Series. She tells Cena he deserves to be a part of a family. Cena says all he deserves is a chance to come to this ring and tell show all these people how much he loves this. Steph tries interrupting him, but he’s on a roll kissing up and sucking up. Steph asks him again to join The Authority. He gives her the answer, which is “hell no.”

As he goes to leave, “King of Kings” plays as Triple H makes his way down to the ring. HHH comes down and tells Steph, “told ya so.” He says Cena wouldn’t budge. He tells Cena that he’s been here 10-12 years now, but he’s been here 20. He says he’s hanging on by a thread recently. He says Cena knows what he does, which is that “he can’t fight the future.” HHH tells him it doesn’t have to be this hard. He tells him what life could be like, then tells him he can turn them down and be the beat up, shell of himself fighting for one last hurrah. HHH says maybe this conversation won’t work, maybe he’s got to prove it to him. He tells Cena to have it has way. He says at Survivor Series, they’ll make it hard on him. He tells him to go backstage and find someone to stand up with him to fight against The Authority at Survivor Series. HHH announces Team Authority will take on Team Cena, and Team Cena is gonna be comprised only of whoever Cena can find to join him. He reminds him that he can’t fight for the future.

Third Match: The Miz & Damien Mizdow vs. The Usos 

Miz and Uso start things off. The fans chant “we want Mizdow” as Uso takes it to Miz early on. Sandow is selling along with Miz on the apron, running back and forth from post to post on the apron and mimmicking Miz’s movements. Miz asks the fans if they want him to tag Sandow. They pop big so he doesn’t. He beats up on Uso himself while Sandow cheers him on. Uso clothesline Miz over the top and to the floor. Sandow jumps off the apron. You think it’s to check on Miz, but instead he crashes on the mat like he got thrown out to the floor too. Both Usos hit a dive on both of them as we head to commercial.

When we return from commercial, Miz is working over Uso in the middle of the ring as Sandow cheers him on. Miz finally tags Sandow in and the fans pop. Sandow picks up where Miz left off, beating up on Uso. Sandow quickly tags Miz back in upon his demand. The fans boo. Uso goes for the superkick. Miz reverses into a Skull Crushing Finale attempt, but Uso avoids. Uso rolls up Miz but Sandow kicks Uso. The Usos do the twin switch behind their backs and when Miz goes to pick Uso up, he’s rolled up and pinned 1-2-3.

Winner: The Usos 

Dolph Ziggler Backstage Segments: 

It’s muted, so no audio, but we see John Cena talking to Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler is shaking his head yes. They shake hands. Assuming that’s Ziggler joining Cena’s Survivor Series team. On that note, we head to commercial.When we return from the break, we see Ziggler walking backstage with his cell phone. Kane walks up and says there’s a report going around saying he was talking to John Cena. He says as Director of Operations, he can only claim that’s an act of aggression against The Authority. He threatens Ziggler.

Hulk Hogan Segment: 

Back live in the arena, Lilian Garcia introduces “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan. Hogan makes his way to the ring in his pink Susan G. Komen Foundation to a nice response from the San Antonio fans. The music fades and the chants begin. “Well let me tell you something, brother!” The crowd cheers. He says he was happy to see Cena beat that no good Orton. He says he can’t wait to see his champion John Cena take on that stinky beast Brock Lesnar and take back his title. Hogan talks about all the pink we see around in the arena. He says that’s proof that Susan G. Komen-mania has been running wild all month long. He thanks WWE for letting him be one of the spokesmen for this campaign. He talks a bit more about the campaign. He asks the representatives to stand up and be recognized by the fans. Hogan finishes with a “Whatcha gonna do?!” and his music plays again. The barricade opens and all the Susan G. Komen breast cancer survivors are walking into the ring with Hogan.

 Fourth Match: Bo Dallas vs. Ryback 

When we return from commercial, Bo Dallas makes his way to the ring. He cuts a quick promo about issuing an open challenge and then says “let’s see who Bo-Lieves” and who his opponent is. Ryback’s theme hits and out he comes to a big pop. Ryback dominates Dallas from bell to bell, which only lasted about two minutes. Ryback hits him with the Shellshock. 1-2-3. It’s over that quick.

Winner: Ryback 

On WWE Main Event Miz will host “Miz TV” with his special guest, Mark Henry only on the WWE Network

Fifth Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro 

When we return from commercial, Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring. He jumps up on the announcers desk. He says last night he went straight to hell. He talks about beating down Ambrose and then brings up Bray Wyatt interfering. He tells Wyatt to remember the laws of the jungle — don’t mess with an animal who’s claws are longer than yours….and you DON’T mess with Dean Ambrose. The fans pop and then chant “Ambrose! Ambrose!” as he takes his gear off. He goes in the ring and blasts Cesaro, already in the ring, with the mic over and over and over again. The ref jumps on him. Cesaro runs out of the ring. Ambrose follows him out and pounds him with the mic over and over again. He chases him up the ramp just beating the crap out of him with the mic.

Winner: No Contest 

Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt Segment: 

He comes back down the ramp and yells for Bray Wyatt. He says he doesn’t do magic tricks and he ain’t much for smoke and mirrors. He says he’s standing right here. He challenges Bray to come out so he can kick his ass. The lights cut out and Wyatt appears on the big screen. Bray says he understands it, because he came from it too. He says everytime he looks at Ambrose he can’t help but see his own derranged reflection. He talks about how what makes people cringe excites people like them. He tells Ambrose to think about it. He says what happens next — you tell me. He says he’s not his brother or his friend. He sees I know you, I am you. He says he’s going to dismantle his mind. He says “run Dean, run” to close out the promo. The lights cut out again.

Sixth Match: Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella vs. Naomi 

Nikki Bella’s theme hits. Out she comes with Brie behind her. She makes Brie hold the ropes open for her. She says something in Brie’s ear. We see highlights of their match at last night’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. When we return from the break, Naomi — Nikki’s opponent for tonight — is in the ring. She works over Nikki early on but an Alabama Slam from Nikki, with Naomi hitting her head on the mat HARD — turns the tide.

Nikki is in control now as the announcers put over the “assistant” stipulation with Brie. Nikki beats up on Naomi until Naomi finally makes her big comeback. This lasts until Brie trips Naomi, allowing Nikki to get back in the lead. Nikki tells Brie “good job.” The announcers say that must be what Nikki whispered into her ear before the match. Nikki hits her finisher on Naomi and pins her. After the match, Nikki makes Brie raise her hand.

Winner: Nikki Bella 

Seventh Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane 

The bell rings and here we go. Kane promised to destroy Ziggler for talking to John Cena earlier. Early on, Ziggler is trying to use his speed and quickness to avoid the monster’s wrath. It works briefly, but it isn’t long before Kane is dominating his smaller opposition. We head to a mid-match commercial with Kane firmly in control. When we return from the commercial the action is still going on in the ring. Kane gets control of Ziggler again and is beating him down as the fans chant for Ziggler to make a comeback.

Ziggler starts making his comeback and is flying all over the place, hitting Kane with every move in his arsenal. It does no good, however, as about two minutes into his run, Kane cuts him short and is dominating again. Kane is calling for the chokeslam now, waiting for Ziggler to get back to his feet. Ziggler does and turns around right into a hand on the throat. Ziggler squeezes his way over Kane and rolls him up. 1-2-3. Ziggler pulls off the upset. After the match, as Ziggler is going to leave, he is attacked from behind by Seth Rollins. Rollins rolls him back into the ring. He and Kane both beat on Ziggler until John Cena’s theme hits. Cena sprints to the ring and Rollins heads for higher grounds. Kane, unfortunately has to be clotheslined to get out of the ring. Cena helps Ziggler up and raises his hand, the crowd pops. Ziggler’s theme hits again as we have the stare off between Cena and Rollins, which we’re told is next on RAW.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler 

Eight Match: John Cena vs. Seth Rollins 

The bell rings and here we go. Nope, no we don’t. Rollins runs right out of the ring immediately and goes over to Noble and Mercury. He whispers something in their ears. Mr. Money In The Bank runs back in, gets hit with one move and rolls right back out. The fans boo him as Cena tells him to come back in the ring. Rollins does this a few more times until Cena finally has enough and runs out after him. Now he’s punching away at him on the floor. Rollins finally gets control of Cena on the floor and back in the ring, Rollins is now following up, selling his ribs in between spots. Mercury jumps up the apron and cheap-shots Cena while Rollins has the ref distracted. Rollins throws Cena out to the floor where Mercury and Noble stomp the hell out of him behind the ref’s back. Rollins goes out after him and suplexes him on the floor. He screams in pain because of his ribs. The fans are chanting “Cena! Cena! Cena!” — it surprisingly enough has literally been a legitimate pro-Cena crowd all night. Just goes to show what a cheap sports team pop can do ya — when your team is in the finals, of course. Any other time of year, maybe not so much because it’s failed when he’s tried it in the past. Back in the ring, Rollins continues to work over Cena, with some help from his two buddies outside the ring here and there as well. we head to a mid-match commercial. When we return from commercial, Cena is firing away at Rollins outside the ring. It doesn’t last long forever, as the numbers game with Rollins, Mercury and Noble ends up being too much for Cena. Rollins is back in control.

We’re back in the ring now and Rollins is going back to work on Cena. The action quickly spills out to the floor again where Rollins remains in control, again, with help. Back in the ring again and Rollins puts the boots to Cena in the corner. Cena hits a cross body off the top onto Rollins and goes for the A.A., but Rollins avoids it and hits a huge DDT on Cena. Both guys are down now and the fans are chanting and cheering Cena on. Rollins is up first and goes to work on Cena. They end up outside the ring again where Rollins slams Cena into the barricade. Back in the ring, Rollins catches Cena off the top rope with a big knee to the face. Rollins goes for the pin but only gets two, so he throws a big hissy fit. Cena starts making a big comeback, including a five knuckle shuffle and launching Rollins way over the top where he’s caught on the floor by Mercury and Noble. Or, well, he goes through them I should say. Back in the ring, Cena is still in control. He hits a big tornado DDT off the middle rope. Cena hoists Rollins up for the Attitude Adjustment. He launches Rollins but Rollins lands on his feet. Cena grabs Rollins by the leg, looking for the STF, but Rollins avoids it and hits a big move on Cena for a near fall. Rollins picks Cena up in the powerbomb position, runs across the ring and throws him into the corner. He tries to pin him off of that but Cena kicks out yet again. The fans in San Antonio are really getting into this match now. “This is awesome” chants, lots of clapping, etc. Rollins goes for the Curb Stomp but Cena avoids it and slaps the STF on Rollins. Rollins waves his hand and out comes Kane.

After the match, Kane and Rollins beat up on Cena. Out comes Dolph Ziggler and now Cena and Ziggler are firing up on Kane and Rollins, however this leads to Noble and Mercury coming out. Now the heels are in control again. Next thing you know, the entire roster runs out. Faces and heels. Everyone is fighting everyone so Rollins ducks out the back door, as does Noble and Mercury. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come out and join them on the stage and they look at the chaos that’s taking place in the ring. The ring clears up a bit and Cena starts hitting A.A.’s on anything that moves. His theme plays as he stares down The Authority looking back at him on the stage. The announcers question who is going to be on who’s team at Survivor Series when it’s Team Authority vs. Team Cena. The show goes off the air on that note.

Josh’s Grade for WWE Monday Night Raw: 8.5/10

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