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Top 5 Survivor Series PPV Matches From The Attitude Era

As promotion for this year’s Survivor Series PPV the “Top 5″ series is back on the site to cover the best Survivor Series matches from all the eras of the WWE. If you missed the previous Top 5 list please click here and give me your thoughts. Today we’ll be looking back at the “Attitude Era” spanning from 1997-2001. This should be an interesting list to say the least and if there’s any changes you would have to list please feel free to comment below. Alright let’s get to this shall we.

5.) Survivor Series 1998: Vacant WWF Championship Match The Rock vs. Mankind 

In late 1998, there was a flux of flip flopping in the WWF Title picture, as the McMahon and Austin rivalry was reaching it’s boiling point. After the Judgment Day 1998 PPV, Mr. McMahon made a 14-Man Deadly Games Tournament to crowned a brand new WWF Champion. The Rock was becoming one of the biggest babyfaces in the company during the build to Survivor Series while he was feuding with Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon. Mankind was becoming the Corporation puppet as Mr. McMahon was trying to do everything in his power to make sure that, Austin didn’t capture the WWF Championship again. During the tournament, you seen Mankind beating Stone Cold and also The Rock had a uphill battle to the finals of the tournament as he defeated Big Boss Man, Ken Shamrock and The Undertaker. The Rock and Mankind had a great back and forth match in the finals and then out of nowhere, The Rock puts Mankind in the sharpshooter and then you see Mr. McMahon aggressively running towards to bell man and telling him to ring the bell. The Rock turn on the people and join The Corporation and it was one of the best heel turns of all-time.

4.) Survivor Series 2000~ No Disqualification Match Triple H vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin 

Stone Cold vs. The Game Triple H was one of those huge rivalries that seemingly lasted forever but never got boring, kicking off in the summer of 1999. Stone Cold was looking for revenge for being taken out of action and what ensued was a huge brawl between the two. Very little technical wrestling here as the two used outside props and whatever they could use to punish the other guy. The match ensued away from the ring to the backstage area where The Radicalz tried to attack Austin but failed. Triple H was trying to escape the building in his car until Stone Cold found him, lifted his car 30 feet in the air via Crane, and dropped it down. Triple H screams out a frantic “Holy Shiiiiiiiiiittttt!!!!” as the car fell on its top, seemingly crushing The Game. This was a fun brawl and one of the most underrated main event feuds during the Attitude Era.

3.) Survivor Series 2000: WWF Championship Match Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker

The Undertaker vs. Angle wrestled a hard-fought match which nicely mixed Taker’s brawling with Angle’s technical wrestling and was honestly entertaining. Taker seemed to have Angle finished and we were getting ready to see a new champion, but soon Kurt pulls an intelligent swerve as he used his brother Eric Angle (making his debut) to pose as Kurt while Kurt rolled Taker up from behind and held the tights to score the pinfall. I really enjoyed this match because not only was it a fun brawling/technical wrestling match, it was also a launching point Kurt Angle during the Attitude Era. Angle and Taker had another classic title match for the World Heavyweight Championship at No Way Out 2006. I advise all of the BTR fans to check out both of those matches on the WWE Network.

2.) Survivor Series 2000: The Rock vs. Rikishi 

Why The Rock vs. Rikishi? Why not, in the Attitude Era there was some great angles, but there wasn’t alot of good matches you want a example just look at the entire Survivor Series 1999 match card. This was my favorite match from Rikishi and this feud was underrated due to its longevity. This match was a fun brawl especially with the fact that Rikishi was trying to blame The Rock for running over Stone Cold Steve Austin at the previous year’s Survivor Series. I liked this match alot and Rikishi was a very underrated performer in the ring.

1.) Survivor Series 2001: Team WWF (The Rock, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, Kane and Big Show) vs. Team WCW/ECW (Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Shane McMahon and Kurt Angle)

Contrary to popular belief, I loved the invasnion angle during 2001. Like yea I understand that the nWo, Goldberg and Sting weren’t part of it, but as a 7 year old kid that finally realized his dream to be part of the WWF as a commentator this match and the feud was one of my all time favorites from a story telling perspective. Isn’t it odd that just like 1987 Survivor Series was built around the WrestleMania III main event of Hogan and Andre, that the 2001 Survivor Series main event, the last two guys saw the main event from that years WrestleMania, WrestleMania X7, with the Rock and Austin? This is one of my all-time favorites matches and the commentary from Jim Ross and Paul Heyman were iconic.

That’s a wrap for this list I hope you guys enjoyed it. I would love some feedback, What’s some your favorite Survivor Series matches during the Attitude Era?

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