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WWE SmackDown Results: Team Cena vs. Team Authority

WWE SmackDown
November 21, 2014
Thompson Boling Arena
Knoxville, Tennessee

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Triple H and Michael Cole Segment: 

Triple H makes his way down to the ring. Michael Cole s waiting and asked The Game some questions. Cole asked does he realize that this could be the final night that he issues a interview with him. Triple H said that Cole needs to be careful on what questions he asks. Cole said that the WWE Universe cannot stand Triple H and the Authority. What does he think about how the WWE universe would react to them losing this Sunday. Triple H said that their opinion of him does not matter. Triple H says he appreciates all of us, but without them then there would be no WWE. He makes decisions everyday that is the best for business. Cole said statements like that makes the rumors that The Authority does not know how to lead anymore.

Triple H said that life is a marthaon, not a sprint. He said that back in the Attitude Era WWE had the greatest roster in history and that some think Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and others are better than him. However, they are gone and he is here. He is smarter than everyone else and he is the constant. “They will always be here”. Cole asked what Raw will be like when they are not in charge. HHH praises Vince McMahon, he said that Vince was smarter than everyone else. It is not ego or bragging, when he said that there are only two people who can take his place which is himself and Stephanie.

Without them then this place has no future. He would give it a year or two max until they fold. If they are gone it would only take three months before everyone would beg them to come back. Cole asked if they win then what should we expect. Triple H said that before he answers that then he would like to have Team Cena come to the stage so they can hear this. Triple H said that Cena feels responsible for them and that is awesome. However, they better hope his feelings covers all of that because when they lose this Sunday then on Monday he will fire all of their asses. All four men (Ryback, Rowan, Ziggler and the Big Show) look concerned while on the stage.

First Match: Rusev w/Lana vs. Dolph Ziggler

Rusev puts the boots to Ziggler in the corner. He talks trash to him while down, he misses a clothesline and goes over the top rope to the floor. Rusev jumps on the apron, but Ziggler drop kicked him off. Ziggler with a series of right hands, but Rusev reverses an irish whip and sends Ziggler into the steel steps.  We’re back with Rusev in full control. Moments later Ziggler fights out of a headlock then he nailed a jaw breaker. Rusev misses a splash and Ziggler rolled him up or two count. Ziggler goes for a fameasser, but blocked. Ziggler rolls him up, but only gets two count. Rusev lifts him up, but Ziggler reverses and nailed a superkick for a near fall.

Ziggler nailed a splash in the corner, he fires up the crowd and connected with a series of right hands. Ziggler shoots off the ropes and right into a heel kick by Rusev. Rusev goes for a power slam, but blocked. Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag, but blocked and Rusev connected with a shoulder tackle. Rusev goes for the accolade, but blocked and Ziggler nailed the Zig Zag out of nowhere. However, he gets a near fall pin attempt with the WWE Universe on their feet. Ziggler goes for the fameasser, but blocked and Rusev hit a superkick for the win.  After the match, the Russian flag drops down as Rusev locked in the accolade to cause further damage.

Winner: Rusev 

We get a “A New Day is Coming” Kofi Kingston vignette.

Kane and Cesaro Backstage Segment:

Kane talks to Cesaro in the back about how the Authority will beat Team Cena. Kane boots Cesaro vs. Eric Rowan in a match. Cesaro said long live the Authority, Cesaro out!

Second Match: The Miz & Damien Mizdow vs. Los Matadores w/EL Torito 

Diego and Miz start this one off, Miz works the arm of Diego. Diego with a back chop and a quick roll up for two count. Diego with a chop and then tags in Fernando who hit a springboard front senton. Fernando knocks Sandow off the apron and Miz connected with a clothesline taking him out. Sandow tags himself in and hit a neck breaker followed by a kick up. Miz tagged himself in and goes for his finisher, but Fernando blocked and tagged in Diego. He cleans house on Miz, Diego hit a head scissors followed by a clothesline taking Miz to the floor. Diego sends Miz into The Usos and Sandow takes out the champs. Back in the ring, Diego hit a crossbody off the top rope onto The Miz for the win.

Winner: Los Matadores 

Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt Segment: 

Dean Ambrose comes down to the ring, he cuts a promo about how he is not normal. However, he is a survivor and he will get through anyone who stands in his way. He told a story about how he got jumped by a group of guys that took his money. He said that his mom handed him some brass knuckles and don’t let it happen again. He said he will break Bray Wyatt’s noise, teeth and he is going to bounce his fists off Bray Wyatt’s face. He said that Wyatt needs to run to survive. Bray Wyatt is shown on the big screen in a jail cell. He said he wanted to remind Ambrose what his past and future is. He said that Ambrose is just begging for freedom, which he will help Ambrose do this Sunday.

Third Match: Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella vs. Nikki Bella aka AJ Lee 

AJ mocks Nikki before the match, AJ locked in a headlock. However, Brie fought out with a back elbow. Brie sends her face first into the corner several times. AJ counters and does the same thing. AJ mounts her, then hits her with some right hands. Brie reverses and locked in a half crab submission hold. AJ locked in a guillotine choke, however, Brie fights out. She runs into a knee by AJ and AJ makes her comeback with a clothesline and a DDT for a near fall. Brie drop kicked AJ, she hit a running knee to the face. Brie off the middle rope with a missile drop kick for a near fall. Nikki jumps on the apron which distracts Brie and AJ sends Brie into her. Nikki goes flying to the floor and AJ Lee rolled up Brie for the win.

Winner: AJ Lee 

Fourth Match: Erick Rowan vs. Cesaro 

Cesaro slaps the big guy, he nailed a series of uppercuts, but Rowan overpowered him and threw him to the floor. Rowan throws him back into the ring, he climbs the apron and Cesaro hit a shoulder block. Cesaro goes for a suplex, but blocked and Rowan hit a right hand. Cesaro hit a drop kick on the big guy. Cesaro locked in a headlock, but Rowan fought out. Cesaro cuts him off with a big boot, he goes to the top rope, but rowan threw him off. Rowan tries to get the crowd behind him, but it does not work. Rowan with a devastating back breaker followed by a torture rack for the win. After the match, Luke Harper makes his down to the ring. Harper begins to go in the ring, but does not after Rowan told him to come on. Harper teases to go in the ring again, but does not.

Winner: Erick Rowan 

Team Cena Interview: 

The Big Show with Ryback, Ziggler and Rowan are in the back. Big Show cuts a promo about how they will stay in the fight and they are going to finish this. Ryback said that the big guy and the Big Show are going to feed on Seth Rollins and Kane tonight.

Fifth Match: The Big Show & Ryback vs. Seth Rollins & Kane 

The Big Show beats down Rollins early on in the match. He tags in Ryback who hits several strikes to Rollins. Ryback with a series of chops, but Seth reverses and hit some of his own. They have no effect, Ryback pushes Rolins back with authority. Rollins off the middle rope, he is caught by Ryback and Ryback hit a power slam. Ryback knocks Kane off the apron, then back drops Seth over the top rope. All of a sudden, Triple H comes out to the ring with the Authority. We go to break.

We’re back with the Authority standing outside the ring. Rollins and Kane are in full control of Big Show. Moments later, Big Show fights out of headlock and tagged in Ryback. Harper attacked Big Show who is on the apron. This one ends in a DQ, figure that. After the match, Ryback hit a spine buster to Noble and Rollins. This leads to all hell breaking loose. The Authority attacks the two Superstars. Ziggler runs down to the ring to make the save, but is quickly taken out. Here comes Rowan, he hit a big boot to Henry and a clothesline to Rusev Ryback and Harper have a stand off in the ring, However, Kane comes behind him and hit a spine buster. Rusev hit a superkick to Ziggler and Henry hit the WSS on him. After the onslaught continues, Triple H hit a pedagree to Ryack. The Authority stands tall in the ring to end the show.

Winner: The Big Show & Ryback 

Josh’s Grade for WWE SmackDown: 8.5/10

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