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WWE’s poor booking hurts Survivor Series main event

Details matter, even in WWE. I’m tired of the “It’s just wrestling” mindset that permeates WWE’s booking. Wrestling isn’t something I turn on and then switch off my brain. I want to be entertained. I want to be challenged. And as much as I want to be excited for the #FreeFreeFree Survivor Series, the poor storytelling and lack of attention to detail has tempered my excitement. Of course, that may change if Sting finally makes his long rumored WWE debut.

Here’s what’s bugging me:

Triple H isn’t on Team Authority: If Mr. H was really concerned about losing his cush job as the new Vince, why isn’t he playing the game? The Cerebral Assassin’s lack of participation has never been addressed, and SmackDown ends with H giving Ryback a Pedigree. Now I want to see Ryback get a piece of Triple H, but as of now, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting it on Sunday.

John Cena doesn’t run-in to save Team Cena: Team Cena members have been getting killed by the Authority for weeks. Where is Cena? At least come up with an excuse as to why Cena isn’t in the building or banned from ringside. I wouldn’t want to be a member of Team Cena either if the team captain can’t be bothered to help fight his own battle. This point is forgiven if, say, Dolph Ziggler turns heel and kicks Cena’s ass for leaving him for dead for weeks.

Mark Henry is cool with Rusev: These two were just feuding. C’mon. At least devote one minute of your three-hour Monday night flagship showing the two interacting and explaining that while they don’t like each other, they’re down with the Authority’s cause because a) they hate Cena b) they like money c) they’ve been offered something/anything. Explain it.

Rusev is bullied into joining Team Authority: Stephanie McMahon brings the unbeaten Super Athlete to his knees. No, just no.

Brock Lesnar the absent champion: This is mindboggling. WWE should be doing vignettes every — EVERY — week with Brock. WWE should have pre-taped weeks of interviews in anticipation of his absence. Or put together a video package showing him dismantling Cena. Or go out hunting  with Lesnar while he’s wearing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. At the every least, Paul Heyman should be out bragging about the One in 21 and One every week.  There’s absolutely no excuse for Lesnar’s lack of recognition in WWE’s five hours of weekly cable TV time.

No Cesaro: The Swiss Superman is the real deal. His booking has been a low point of WWE TV since WrestleMania. Remember when we all felt like the next generation was finally getting a chance after wrestling’s Super Bowl? I do too and it makes me sad.

Jack Swagger wrestling on Main Event: The Authority takes him out weeks ago when he was announced as one of the first members of Team Cena. Why isn’t he on the team now that he’s healthy enough to wrestle Bray Wyatt on Main Event days before Survivor Series. Michael Cole even mentioned that he was an original member of Team Cena but didn’t bother explaining why he’s not in the match.

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