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WWE Raw Results: Cyber Raw + Stone Cold’s Podcast

WWE Monday Night Raw
December 1, 2014
BOK Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma

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WWE Monday Night Raw Pre-Show: 

The show starts with a shot of the fans from Tulsa, Oklahoma filing into the BOK for WWE Monday Night Raw. The panel this week is Byron Saxton, Alex Riley and Booker T. Riley says we’re on the road to WrestleMania and it’s the perfect time to be a WWE fan. We find out that there will be a Tag Team Turmoil Match to determine the Number One Contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championship. Saxton leads us to a video package of the events from last week’s Raw. The panel talks about the return of the anonymous raw general manager. Riley talks about Daniel Bryan having one of the roughest run’s to the top of the WWE and wonders if he will ever get to perform in the WWE. Booker T talks about Bryan getting retribution on The Authority. The Miz & Damien Mizdow are being interviewed by Renee Young. Miz says that none of the tag teams in this turmoil have the star power that he has and out of no where EL Torito comes out of no where takes one of Mizdow’s tag team titles this will probably lead to a match with Miz & Mizdow taking on Los Matadores. The panel talks about the startegy that comes with the tag team turmoil match. Booker says that he would rather start the match so he can get in a groove. Saxton ask the guys about Mizdow getting a better reaction from the crowd than the Miz. Riley says that people do relate to Mizdow while the WWE Universe has never appreciated The Miz. Use the promo code “CYBER” to get an additional 25% off all purchases from WWEShop.com and we go to commercial break.

We come back from break and we see the video of Big Show and Erck Rowan brawling. The panel starts talking about the Ryback/Kane feud, Booker talks about despite the various changes during Kane’s career, one thing is for certain is that he can go out there and gets things done in the ring. Booker says if he was a betting man he would pick Ryback over Kane at WWE TLC. The panels starts talking about the Wyatt/Ambrose feud. The hosts discussed Steve Austin’s interview with Vince McMahon that will air on the network later tonight (we’ll have live coverage after Raw). They played up the history between the two. Riley said it will be “epic” and said Austin keeps it real on his podcasts. He was interrupted by the drumroll signifying their bold predictions. Neither man predicted a Big Show turn, which should really be a weekly prediction. Riley predicted the AGM will be Ric Flair. Booker predicted the new general manager will be revealed and said it will be Sting. They closed the show.

WWE Monday Night Raw: 

First In-Ring Segment: 

Michael Cole reads a message from the Anonymous RAW General Manager, who is upset. He says WWE needs him. He can’t let the future of WWE rest in the hand of washed-up Superstars. He goes to make announcements but John Cena’s music interrupts and out he comes. Cena knocks the GM and says he and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar have one thing in common – they show up once a year. Cena brags about The Authority being gone and mentions Big Show turning at Survivor Series. Cena is interrupted by the ringtone going off over and over. Cena says he’s not letting RAW get turned over to a faceless, nameless computer and shuts the laptop as fans cheer. Seth Rollin’s music hits and out he comes with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble. Rollins comes to the ring and rips Cena, who is still standing at the podium. Fans chant “you sold out” at Rollins. Rollins says Cena didn’t win anything at Survivor Series. Rollins reminds us he eliminated Cena.

Rollins brings up Sting and his name gets a pop. Cena gives credit to Dolph Ziggler. Rollins says everyone should ask if WWE is really better off without The Authority in power and a big “yes!” chant starts. They argue and Cena tells Rollins to ask him nicely to bring The Authority back. Rollins hesitates but does. The ringtone goes off again. Cena taunts Rollins and says it’s up to the fans. Cole announces Rollins vs. Cena in a Tables Match for TLC. If Cena loses, he will no longer be the #1 contender. Rollins attacks from behind and they beat Cena out of the ring. They pull a table out but Ryback comes out to make the save. Kane comes out and beats Ryback down with a steel chair. Erick Rowan makes the save for Ryback but Big Show takes him out. Show takes Rowan out to the steel steps. Dolph Ziggler then comes out. Rollins and The Stooges end up trying to put Cena through a table but he turns it around. Luke Harper runs in next. Cena tries to fight back but Show drops him with a knockout punch. Rollins and The Stooges put Cena through a table as the other heels look on. We go to commercial.

Anonymous Raw General Manager Announcement: 

Erick Rowan will take on Big Show. Plus Luke Harper, Seth Rollins and Kane will take on John Cena, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback.

First Match: Tag Team Turmoil Match to determine the Number One Contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championship
Gold & Stardust vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. New Day vs. Adam Rose & The Bunny vs. The Usos

It’s Kofi Kingston and and Big E. Kofi starts out with Stardust. Kofi hits a dropkick early on before they go back and forth. Kofi with another dropkick. Goldust comes in but gets tossed. Big E comes in and they double team Goldust. Big E with a two count. Goldust counters and takes the knee out. Stardust tags back in and works Big E over. Kofi tags back in for a big double team move off the top for the pin. Goldust and Stardust have been eliminated. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd are out next with Natalya. We go to commercial. Back from the break and Cesaro is in control of Kofi. Kidd comes in for some double teaming. Kofi counters and tags in Big E. He runs over Kidd but runs into a kick. Big E with a belly to belly. He runs the ropes and splashes Kidd. Cesaro saves Kidd from The Big Ending. Big E dumps them both to the apron and knocks them off with a double clothesline. Kofi tags in from the top. Stardust and Xavier end up attacking Woods on the floor, distracting Kofi, who gets rolled up from behind. Kofi and Big E are eliminated.

The Usos are out next as Kidd starts off with Jey Uso. Cesaro comes in and hits a big throw but Uso turns it around to a huge reaction from the crowd. Uso goes at it with Kidd and sends him to the floor. Uso doesn’t see Cesaro tag in and turns around to a big suplex. Uso was going to dive out on Kidd but he used Natalya as a shield. Cesaro covers Uso for a two count as we go to a commercial. Back from the break and Cesaro has Uso on the mat. Cesaro dumps Uso again and covers for a two count. Kidd and Jimmy Uso get the tag and go at it. Uso hits a big Samoan Drop but Cesaro breaks the pin. Cesaro and Jey get sent to the floor. Natalya tries to help Kidd, apparently distracting Uso and leading to Kidd kicking him in the head. Kidd springboards in but Uso takes him out. Jey tags in and hits a big splash from the top. Cesaro and Kidd are eliminated.

Adam Rose and The Bunny are out next with the Rosebuds. Rose gets rolled up early on for talking to The Bunny. The Bunny ends up tagging himself in and Rose isn’t happy. The Bunny powerbombs Uso from the top for a two count. Rose comes back in and argues with The Bunny. He turns around to a big superkick. Uso tags in and hits a big splash for the win and the title shot. We see Naomi backstage watching again. The Miz walks up and knocks The Usos. He says she did some good twerking in her music video. He gives her a card and says someone in Hollywood might be interested.

Winner: New Number One Contender’s The Usos 

Second Match: Erick Rowan vs. The Big Show 

Tom Phillips is backstage with Erick Rowan. Phillips says he’s done some investigating and Rowan has an IQ of 143 and is a winemaker, among other things. Phillips asks Rowan why he’s targeted Big Show. Rowan says because Show is a bully. Big Show comes out and cuts a promo, admitting to be a bully. He says to send out his next victim Erick Rowan and out he comes. The bell rings and Rowan beats Show down against the ropes and stomps away, quickly kicking Show out of the ring to a pop. Rowan follows but they come back in and Show takes control. Show beats Rowan around now. Rowan finally fights up and out. He ducks a clothesline and drops Show with one of his own. Rowan with another shot and a splash in the corner. Rowan clotheslines Show over the ropes. Rowan follows with a big chop and a headbutt. Show counters and whips Rowan into the steel steps. Show grabs the steps and slams it into Rowan for the disqualification. After the bell, fans boo Big Show as he smirks and walks away.

Winner: Erick Rowan by DQ 

Vince McMahon Backstage Segment: 

Vince McMahon is backstage when he walks up on two Rosebuds and decides to just keep walking. Renee Young approaches and asks about the current state of WWE but Vince interrupts. He’s happy because of tonight’s live podcast with Steve Austin on the WWE Network. She asks if Vince is thinking about bringing back The Authority. He says that’s in  John Cena’s hands. In his hands, Stone Cold. Vince says the interview is going to be fun and walks off.

Third Match: Fandango w/Rosa Mendes vs. Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter 

Jack Swagger’s music hits but he doesn’t show up. It starts again but we go to the back. Zeb Colter is down holding his leg. Swagger runs over and asks who did this. We go back to the ring and Fandango is getting booed as he poses. Lilian Garcia goes to announce the winner by forfeit but Rosa snatches the mic and says his name.

Winner: Fandango by Forefit 

Rusev Promo: 

Lana and Rusev are in the ring for a promo but fans interrupt her with a USA chant. She plays Rusev up as a victim but brags about his battle royal victory on SmackDown. Rusev says those who have foolishly challenged him have been crushed. For those who don’t listen, like Zeb Colter, have been broken. Lana tell us to stand for a true pledge of allegiance as the Russian flag drops down. She mocks our Pledge for Russia as we see Vladimir Putin on the big screen. Jack Swagger’s music hits and out he comes. Swagger tackles Rusev and unloads. They go to the floor and Swagger throws Rusev into the barrier. They brawl as officials try to separate them. Swagger leaps and jumps on Rusev on the ramp. Rusev backs up the ramp as Lana comes running with the title. Officials hold Swagger back as Rusev and Lana leave.

Fourth Match: Damien Mizdow w/The Miz vs. Fernando w/El Torito 

Back from the break and Los Matadores wait with El Torito. WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz and Damien Sandow are out next. Miz sits down for commentary. We see a video from earlier today where it looks like Sandow may be speaking up finally. Back and forth to start the match. Sandow ends up getting the win with the Figure Four. After the match, Jimmy Uso comes out and drops The Miz with a big slap, payback for the earlier comments towards Naomi. Jimmy tells Miz to stay away from his wife and walks off with Miz looking shocked.

Winner: Damien Mizdow 

Tomorrow night on WWE Main Event, Jimmy Uso will take on The Miz.

Fifth Match: R-Truth vs. Bray Wyatt 

Wyatt dominates early on and beats Truth around. Wyatt keeps control and yells out asking where Dean Ambrose is. Wyatt whips Truth hard into the corner and smiles. Truth fights back and makes a comeback. He splashes Wyatt in the corner and ducks a clothesline. Truth with the elbow off the ropes. Wyatt dodges the scissors kick and slams Truth. Wyatt takes Truth to the apron and drops him face first into it. Wyatt rolls Truth back under the rope and taunt him. Wyatt doe the spider walk and hits Sister Abigail for the win. After the match, Wyatt goes under the ring and throws chairs inside. He also brings out a ladder as we go to break.

Winner: Bray Wyatt 

Bray Wyatt Segment: 

Wyatt sits under a ladder and cuts a promo on Dean Ambrose and their match at TLC. Wyatt says he sees tables, ladders and chairs in his dreams. The crowd chants “oh my” after Wyatt says tables, ladders and chairs each time. The music interrupts and out comes Dean Ambrose to a pop. Ambrose pulls Wyatt to the floor and they brawl at ringside. Wyatt tosses Ambrose hard into the barrier but he bounces back with the big clothesline. Ambrose uses the announce table and beat Wyatt on top of it.

Ambrose with headbutts. Ambrose pulls a ladder from under the ring and stand it up as referees run down to stop him. Ambrose climbs up to put Wyatt through the table but Wyatt stumbles away. Ambrose leaps off the announce table instead and nails Wyatt. Wyatt tries to stumble away but Ambrose sends him into the ring post. Referees get in the way as Wyatt heads up the ramp. Ambrose hits the ring and destroys Wyatt’s rocking chair. Wyatt looks on horrified.

Sixth Match: The Bella Twins vs. AJ Lee & Naomi 

Lawler reveals her opponent – Naomi. Naomi makes her way to the ring. The bell rings and we hear some faint CM Punk chants. Nikki suplexes Naomi for a pin attempt. Brie comes in and takes over. Brie with a big running uppercut in the corner. Nikki tags back in with a clothesline for a one count. More CM Punk chants start as Nikki keeps Naomi down. AJ finally gets the tag and unloads on Nikki. AJ with a splash and a neckbreaker. AJ knocks Brie out of the ring. AJ with a tornado DDT on Nikki but Brie breaks the pin. Naomi dropkicks Nikki but Brie tosses her to the floor. AJ tosses Brie to the floor and hits the Shining Wizard on Nikki. AJ applies the Black Widow for the win.

Winner: AJ Lee & Naomi 

Mick Foley dressed as Santa Claus. His daughter Noelle is his helper. Foley does a WWE Shop segment for the holidays and Cyber Monday.

Rusev will take on Dean Ambrose on WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

Paul Heyman Promo: 

Cole asks about the stipulations for Cena vs. Rollins at TLC. Heyman addresses Cena’s comments from the opening segment where he said Brock Lesnar only shows up once a year. Heyman compares Lesnar’s returns to Christmas and WrestleMania. He says it’s can’t miss, must-see. Heyman says Cena will receive a beating like none other if he can keep his #1 contendership. Heyman says Rollins can’t hide behind The Authority anymore and brings up how he Curb Stomped Lesnar.

Heyman no longer accepts Rollins’ previous apology. Heyman brings up how The Undertaker is missing. He brings up Sting and says it would be a retirement match if he faced Lesnar. Heyman says Lesnar will eat through the entire locker room. He says there is an authority in WWE, there is a power and that’s the one with the gold. Heyman says he represents that power and introduces himself. Cena’s music hits and out he comes to the ring for the main event.

Seventh Match: John Cena, Dolph Ziggler & Ryback vs. Seth Rollins, Kane & Luke Harper 

Harper comes in to start with Cena. Cena strikes first and beat Harper into the corner. Cena with a clothesline and a pin attempt. Cena drops Harper again and pulls Rollins into the ring. Cena with a STF on Rollins but Harper breaks it up. Cena slams Harper again for a two count. Ziggler tags in and they double team Harper with a big dropkick. Ziggler with a two count. Ziggler with punches and a neckbreaker but it’s blocked. Harper nails Ziggler and in comes Kane. Kane beat Ziggler around but get kicked in the face. Ryback tag in and the crowd pops. Ryback unloads on Kane but Kane cuts him off. Kane misses a clothesline and Ryback hits a Thesz Press. Ryback slams Kane’s head and splashes him for a one count. Kane pushes Ryback in the corner and in comes Harper.

Ryback and Harper go at it now. Ryback with a big clothesline for a two count. They trade shots in the corner after more back and forth. Ryback blocks a suplex and goes for one of his own but can’t get Harper up. He tries again and holds Harper in the air as we go to commercial. Back from the break and Ryback drops Harper with another suplex for a two count. Ziggler tags in and they work Harper over in the corner. Kane tags in and keeps up the attack on Ziggler. Ziggler locks in a sleeper hold. Kane ends up getting out but missing a chokeslam. Ziggler come out of the corner but Kane decks him in mid-air with a right hand. Rollins tags in and works over Ziggler. Harper comes back in with a gator roll. Harper with a double chop to the throat. Harper drops Ziggler again for a two count. Kane comes back in to keep Ziggler down. Cena and Rollins finally come in and go at it. Harper runs in and Cena takes him out. Kane comes in and Cena grabs him. Ryback assists with a double suplex. Mercury and Noble get a cheap shot on Cena as the referee was dealing with Ryback. Rollins with a two count. We go to commercial.

Kane is in control of Cena with a two count. Cena finally hits a dropkick but Harper tags in and slams Cena on his face for a two count. Cena goes to tag but Harper drops him with a big kick for a two count. Rollins tags in and mocks Cena before hitting a right hand off the top. Cena goes for a tag again but Rollins clotheslines him. Rollins stomps away on Cena now. Rollins with a headlock. Rollins goes down and fans chant “feed me more” for the tag. Ziggler gets tagged instead. Ziggler unloads on Harper and knocks Kane off the apron. Ziggler with a neckbreaker on Harper and a big elbow drop. Ziggler counters and hits the Fame-asser for a two count as Rollins breaks it up. Ryback beats on Rollins but Kane makes the save. Cena leaps off the top and takes out everybody else out in the middle of the ring. Cena goes to AA Kane but it’s blocked. Kane kicks Cena out of the ring. Ryback slams Kane. Rollins with a flying knee to the face of Ryback. Ziggler with a tornado DDT on Rollins. Harper catches Ziggler with a big sideslam for a two count. More back and forth and Ziggler gets the win out of nowhere.

As soon as the bell hits, Harper attacks Ziggler. All six Superstars start brawling in the ring now. Fans chant for tables. Big Show comes out to boos. He drops Ziggler, Ryback and Cena with headbutts and a punch for Cena. Kane and Show double team Ryback now. Erick Rowan comes down with steel steps and decks Harper on the ramp. He nails Kane at ringside. Ziggler throws Rollins face first into the steps as Rowan holds them. Rowan brings the steps in the ring. Show grabs him and Ryback for a double chokeslam but Ziggler makes the save with a superkick. Ryback hits Show with a Meathook clothesline. Cena nails the AA on Show to a big pop. Cena, Ziggler and Ryback whip Show into the steps as Rowan holds them. Rowan, Cena, Ziggler and Ryback stand tall as Cena’s music hits. Cole says Erick Rowan has arrived. Rowan stands over Big Show as the others continue their celebration. We see Steve Austin backstage getting ready for his podcast with Vince McMahon as RAW goes off the air.

Winner: John Cena, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback 

Josh’s Grade for WWE RAW: 6.5/10

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Stone Cold’s Podcast: 

Stone Cold Steve Austin welcomed Vince to his podcast on Vince’s network. Austin asked Vince how the network was doing. Vince said it’s doing great. He said the UK launch is around the corner. Vince spoke about the approval rating of the network amongst its users, and said they are trying to give them what they want and are doing so by doing this interview.  Austin brought up sports entertainment vs. pro wrestling. Vince said pro wrestling “is what my dad did.” Vince started critiquing Raw and praised Bray Wyatt, the six-man tag, and starting off with a bang. Stone Cold and Vince spoke about Raw going three hours. Austin said he feels like the first segment goes too long to set the hook. McMahon seems to be giving really corporate, politically correct answers. Austin says that there aren’t any other options out there for wrestlers, and mentions TNA, but says they aren’t in the same league. Austin says that there’s no room to piss anyone off, and McMahon says “well then just don’t piss anyone off.” McMahon points to Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt as guys who are looking to grab the brass ring. He says today’s locker room isn’t as ambitious as in Austin’s heyday because everyone is afraid to fail. Austin challenges the roster to step up.

Stone Cold Steve Austin says McMahon doesn’t have a magic wand to get someone over. Austin asks what Cesaro is lacking and McMahon says he hasn’t connected yet and is lacking in charisma, and lacking “it.” Austin disagrees and says he organically started to like him and thought that the Heyman pairing slowed him down after the Real Americans split. Austin asks what he can do to fix that as a promoter, and McMahon says he doesn’t have the answer to everything but something is missing. He can’t pinpoint it, but something is missing. McMahon says no one man has the answer to booking organizations and he can’t do it all. He says that it’s a mammoth organization. He then changes the subject to pushing Nick Bockwinkel into a pool. Austin asks where Shane McMahon is and Vince says he’s working in Japan, and has his finger in a lot of pots and is living a family life. He says a family business is difficult, and being a dad in a family business and having your wife work with you can be rough. Vince says he didn’t want Shane & Stephanie to get into the business necessarily, but wanted them to do what they wanted for themselves. He talks about his early days in the business and working for his father.

Stone Cold Steve Austin asks if Vince wants to talk to CM Punk. Vince apologizes to CM Punk for firing him on his wedding day, and said legal and talent relations aren’t always on the same page, and it was a coincidence. He doesn’t want to air dirty laundry on TV, but hopes that one day they can work together again. Austin talks about how he walked out in 2002, and McMahon said he was so hard headed that he was impossible to deal with. They talk about the storyline that forced Austin out, and Austin said leaving was the worst professional decision he ever made. He said that while he was gone Vince left three voicemails trying to reach out, but wouldn’t talk to him. Finally after Jim Ross sent him a card, he spoke to JR and finally arranged a meeting with Vince. Austin asks if there’s anyone around to bridge the gap between WWE and CM Punk.  Austin says when he came back in 2003, Vince wanted to fine him $650,000 but was talked down to $250,000. Austin jokingly asks if he could have got it down to $125,000. McMahon said that Austin deserved it for what happened.  Vince McMahon is asked when the decision was made to end the Undertaker’s streak. Vince says nobody wants to give back to the business more than the Undertaker. McMahon says it was about timing, and there was nobody on the roster that would have fit in that role, and Undertaker agreed. Austin called out McMahon saying there’s no way that was Undertaker’s call. Vince says that’s true, and he ultimately made the decision and thinks he made the right call at the right time. Austin asks why Brock isn’t on TV, and Vince says he’s a special attraction. He compares Brock being on TV to Jake Roberts bringing a big python in the ring. If you see it each week, you become numb to it. He feels the story draws fans in, not the title.  Austin asks about Randy Savage in the Hall of Fame. McMahon says yes without hesitation, but doesn’t have a timetable. McMahon is asked what took so long to get Sting there. He said times are different and you have to roll with the punches.

Vince McMahon says Ted Turner’s business motive was to hurt the other guy, and his business motive was to make a good show. He said it was just a matter of time before they toppled WCW because they had the better show. He said both shows were going so hard, it came down to who would burn out the quickest. McMahon says the AWA put themselves out of business. He tried to buy the company from Verne Gagne, but was shot down. Vince said he kept re-investing in his product, and others wanted to hold on to their money instead. He says Bill Watts is the only person who actually invested his money back into his territory. McMahon says he only competed with Bill Watts once and learned his lesson until Watts sold to Crockett. He said Crockett wasn’t the brightest branch in the tree and decided to move into his territory after that. Austin asks Vince McMahon if there’s any heat between Vince and Jim Ross. Vince says there’s no heat on his half, but the incident in Los Angeles was really unprofessional. McMahon doesn’t rule out working with Jim Ross in the future. Austin puts over Ross’ creativity, and thinks its a mistake to not have him around. McMahon said Ross wanted to leave Connecticut for Oklahoma, and worked hard and paid his dues like no other. Ross wanted to help some, but didn’t want to commit 24/7 and McMahon said that you couldn’t work half-assed in this job. McMahon says he understood the psychology of the Stone Cold/Mr. McMahon feud because he’s no better than anyone else, but nobody else is better than him. He said he could relate to both sides of the feud because he felt like he truly was Stone Cold’s character. Austin says they’re counting him down to end the show, and Vince said “I happen to own the Network, so we’re going for 15 more minutes.”

Vince McMahon says his father didn’t want him to be a wrestler, because he couldn’t be a businessman and a wrestler. Vince said wrestling was one of the greatest thrills in his life. Austin talks about how he was pitched the Ringmaster gimmick, and how McMahon didn’t see a superstar in him, so he had to take initiative. Austin asks McMahon about the table spot at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. McMahon says he was bruised and had a lot of bleeding.  Austin talks about the double turn at WrestleMania 13, and said that when they were going over the match, he, Bret and Vince were the only three in the room going over it. Austin says he heard that it would be a Submissions match on TV, and thought it would stink because he wasn’t a submission wrestler. Hart suggested that Austin bleed, so Austin agreed and he double checked with McMahon. Austin asks how McMahon felt about it. McMahon said looking back he was probably pissed off, but it isn’t about what he wants, it’s about what the fans want. Austin asks if Vince McMahon is truly giving fans what they want, and if  WWE is listening. McMahon says he thinks the future is good, despite ratings not being what they were in the 90’s.Austin asks how fans can send in their voice. McMahon says he listens to the crowd, to the audience, social media. Austin asks McMahon when he’s going to retire. McMahon says he’s enjoying it now more than ever, he’s healthy, he’s working as many hours as ever before. He says physically he isn’t losing a step, and doesn’t think he is mentally. He said some people think he’s out of touch, but those people are just critics. The two close the interview.

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