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WWE SmackDown Results: The Future Is Here

WWE SmackDown
December 12, 2014
Columbus Civic Center
Columbus, Georgia

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John Cena & Seth Rollins In-Ring Segment: 

Cena said in just two days, we have the TLC PPV. He said, that means in two days, but he gets interrupted by Seth Rollins’s music who came out on the stage with J&J security. Rollins said do us all a favour and shut up John. How many times in the last 10 years have you come out and told us all what you was going to do when you step in that ring. He said, he gives Cena credit as 99 times out of a 100 he does what he says he’s going to do, that’s how good he is. But, when he beats you at TLC, he will be the new standard said Seth. He said, you speak all the time about the future having to go through you, but let me tell you something “cat”, there is no future unless it involves Seth Rollins. He said, all you do is talk, well this time spare me, let me tell you something that you will understand. Seth said Cena’s time is up, and my time is now. He said at the PPV he doesn’t need to pin him, just do what he’s done the last two weeks and that is put him through a table. Cena said well well well, mark this day on the calendar. This is finally the day that Seth Rollins has become a man. He said he’s serious, he doesn’t see the shield anywhere around you, he doesn’t see the authority, he sees a confident Seth Rollins. He said, that’s exactly what he wants. After he beats Seth, Rollins will wake up, look in the mirror and say I am just not ready. Don’t get me wrong said Cena, you are good but you are not ready to go face to face with the man who runs this place. He said, you will find out on Sunday why he has been a safe bet for the last 10 years. He said the future is not now, Cena is here now.

Rollins joked around with J&J security that he has done it again. He said into the microphone, you just don’t get it. You talk about the future as if it’s some far off distant place. He said look at him, he is the embodiment of the future, it’s right in front of you. He said every single step he has taken in the last two years has led him to Sunday and the tables match against Cena on Sunday. When he puts John through the table, it’s not just about beating you and making you lose your WWE championship shot, TLC will mark the beginning of the end of John Cena. Rollins heeled on the crowd who was chanting Cena. He said after Sunday he will become a ghost, a memory. Cena turned around and said Mr Rollins, your confidence makes you a fool. He complimented Rollins, but said if you want to be a man act like one and listen closely. He pointed at the crowd and said this is his life. If he thinks on Sunday he can take that away, ask the 10,000 other people who have tried. He named dropped Rene Dupree, Orlando Jordan, Triple H and The Rock, and said they couldn’t take him down. He said it was because of the heart and the guts to never give up. He said, if he thinks he is missing a step, if you turn up on Sunday, he will take that foot and place that up your ass.

We see a vignette for NXT Tag Team The Ascension, they’ll be making their main roster debut soon.

First Match: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro w/Natalya vs. The Usos 

Miz said he has gold, gold and more gold. They showed a pre-taped video backstage with Cesaro, Kidd and Natalya. Cesaro said last week, Vince McMahon said to Stone Cold Steve Austin podcast that he wanted superstars to step up and grab that brass ring. Kidd chimed in and said the pair of them are the most talented but under appreciated superstars in WWE history, and that they were the thing to grab the ring.  Jimmy hiptosses Kidd and sends him into the corner, then Kidd sends him across the ring and kicks him before Cesaro tags in. Cesaro stomps Jimmy and sends him into the corner, then Jimmy chops him and holds him in the corner so Jey can tackle him. Cesaro comes back with a scoop slam for two, then he applies a side headlock before Jimmy kicks him outside and takes him down with a splash. Jimmy rolls him back in but Cesaro throws him outside, then Kidd kicks him in the face as Miz takes a phone call at commentary. He says he needs to leave to go talk to someone (Naomi), then we get back from a break to see Cesaro connect with a rolling uppercut for two.

Cesaro catches Jimmy in the Cesaro Swing, then Kidd kicks him in the head and sends Jey to the floor. Kidd kicks Jimmy and Cesaro stomps him from the turnbuckles, then he charges the corner but Jimmy sidesteps him and Cesaro hits the ringpost. Jimmy reaches for a tag but Jey is still on the ground, so Jimmy kicks Cesaro in the face and finally gets the tag. Jey hits a springboard crossbody and some uppercuts, then he follows with a Samoan drop for two and a running splash. Kidd breaks up another pin and whips Jimmy when he tries to interfere, then Jey kicks Cesaro in the face and Jimmy hits a top rope splash off the tag for the win. Naomi is walking backstage when The Usos walk over to her, and Jimmy talks to her about miz bothering her. Naomi says Jimmy is messing with her confidence, and she’s a strong woman who can make her own decisions. Naomi walks away and Jimmy says this is exactly what he was talking about, but Jey yells at him and tells him to get his head straight.

Winner: The Usos 

The Usos & Naomi Backstage Segment: 

Naomi walking backstage looking like she had the weight of the world on her shoulder. Jimmy walked up and said he’s pleased for her. Naomi said you have made me doubt myself, and on top of that, you treat me like I am not capable of making my own decisions before she stormed off. Jimmy and Jay argued about whether this is all about Miz getting inside Jimmy’s head, and Jay pointed out that the Miz has just played them all.

We see a video package on the feud between John Cena/Seth Rollins.

 Bray Wyatt Backstage Segment: 

Bray said that he offered Ambrose the path to salvation but he choose the road to damnation. He said he’s going to deserve everything he’s going to get. 2,000 years from now, people will know what Bray Wyatt achieved, in 2,000 years children will be learning about him in school. This Sunday which will be Ambrose’s demise, will be his salvation. He concluded by saying Tables, Ladders and Chairs…..run.

Second Match: Nikki Bella w/Brie Bella vs. Alicia Fox 

After some ok action, Nikki slapped Alicia Fox off the top rope to the outside. AJ compared Nikki Bella to every ’80s teenage movie cheerleader bad girl. At one point, not sure if it was Cole or Phillips, but they asked AJ Lee, so how’s life? After an uncomfortable moment, and awkward laughing, they went back to calling the action. The finish of the match came when Nikki hit a forearm to Alicia, picked her up for the rack attack and got the pinfall victory. Following the match, Nikki hit another rack attack while staring directly at AJ Lee, who stood up and stared at the Bella twins in the ring.

Winner: Nikki Bella 

We get a video recap of the Slammy Awards.

Third Match: Big E w/The New Day vs. Goldust w/Stardust 

Goldust is aggressive from the bell and delivers a flurry of offense to Big E until E slows his momentum down with some power moves. Big E sets him up for a power slam but Goldust escapes and somehow knocks down Big E from the apron. Big E. fires back and puts Goldust down, covering him for a pinfall victory.

Winner: Big E

Fourth Match: Jack Swagger vs. Titus O’Neil 

Jack charged Titus immediately as the bell rang, and after some test of power, it turned into a shoving match which Jack got the better of. Jack got his feet up as Titus charged him in the corner, which caused Titus to roll to the outside for a breather. Swagger went right after him on the outside and kicked him in the head. Titus recovered and sent Swagger shoulder first into the ring post. As he threw him back in the ring, Titus did his seal shout nonsense. Titus beat on Jack with forearms before picking him up and throwing him around the ring. With Jack on the apron, he made a brief comeback by bringing Titus’s neck down on the top rope, but Titus regained the advantage with a big boot. Finish of the match came when Swagger reversed a powerslam attempt into the patriot lock. After 10 seconds of trying to get to the rope, Titus tapped out.

Winner: Jack Swagger 

Dean Ambrose Backstage Segment: 

We see Dean Ambrose standing on a ladder.  Ambrose said that when Wyatt talks, he describes himself and Ambrose as two Viking gods battling each other, but he doesn’t know anything about that. He said he’s not some kind of mythical warrior; he’s a gutter rat, a chimpanzee an animal that likes to fight. He said no matter how you spin it, it’s a fight between them. Vicious, ugly, take no prisoners and truth be told he couldn’t be having anymore fun. He said that him and Wyatt, they were meant to tear each other apart. He said he’ll keep coming no matter what happens to him. Dean said that when all is said and done, the leader of the worlds would be swallowed by the lunatic fringe.

Fifth Match: Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan vs. Big Show, Luke Harper and Kane 

Kane and Ziggler started this one, with Kane getting the early advantage due to his superior strength. Ziggler came back with a dropkick and a crossbody before laying into Kane with punches on the ground. He tagged in Erik Rowan who dominated Kane as we went to a commercial. Following a commercial, we had a video package for Brock Lesnar. We finally get back to the action in the match, where we see Rowan is beating on Big Show on the outside. Rowan charged at Show, who moved and he went flying into the ring post. This led to the heels dominating Rowan for a number of minutes.  Rowan managed to hit a clothesline and hit the hot tag to Ziggler. Dolph climbed to the top and hit a drop kick. He hit a stinger splash type move in the corner followed by a neckbreaker for a close two count. Harper managed to distract Ziggler, and when he turned around he got hit by a big boot from Kane. This led to the heels being in charge as we went to the final commercial.Harper had Ziggler in a headlock, which Ziggler nearly broke, but Harper blocked a drop kick attempt.

Kane came in and again the heels dominated for a sustained amount of time. Kane missed a squash attempt in the corner. Ziggler crawled towards his corner but was cut off by Big Show. Show attempted a chokeslam, but Ziggler wriggled out and placed Show in a sleeper hold. Show threw him off his back and managed to hit a choke slam for a very close two count. Show stood in the corner, made a sound like a mating panda, and signaled for the WMD. As he measured him up, Dolph ducked and hit the Zig Zag. With both men down, Ryback got the crowd to chant feed me more. Dolph made the hot tag to Ryback who unloaded on everyone. He hit a spinbuster on Harper for a pin that Kane broke up. This led to Rowan attacking Kane, but Rowan was then speared by Big Show. Ryback in the ring had recovered, and hit a meat hook clothesline on Harper followed by Shell Shock for the 1-2-3.  After the match, Kane came into the ring with a chair and attacked Ryback with it. On the outside, Rowan threw Big Show into the stairs, as Ziggler came into the ring and hit a superkick on Kane. Ryback got the chair and got his revenge on Kane. The babyfaces had a huge ladder in the ring and cleared it the heels by using it. They setup the ladder near the ropes, and Ziggler climbed almost to the top, about three quarters, and dived off the ladder and hit a crossbody which took out all three heels at the ringside area.

Winner: Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan 

Josh’s Grade for WWE SmackDown: 8.5/10

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