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The Best of 2014: Professional Wrestling

2014 saw major changes sweep across the professional wrestling landscape. WWE launched a brand new digital network, while TNA Impact Wrestling was forced to find itself a new network entirely. New promotions, such as Global Force Wrestling and Lucha Underground, were started, and Ring of Honor fought for its right to be considered one of the “major players.” Hulk Hogan came home to WWE. CM Punk walked OUT on WWE. A part-time champion turned into an invisible champion… that same champion who might be on his way out in 2015. Young talent grabbed brass rings – on Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and everywhere else – and Vince McMahon complained to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin they still weren’t doing enough. The business lost legends. Still, the business survived another year, and learned a few lessons along the way.

As we here at Between the Ropes look back at the year that was, we’ve decided to highlight our favorite things.  So through New Year’s Day, our BTR staff will be uploading picks for “Best 0f 2014.”  Bookmark this page, and check back each day for new categories, as we count down to 2015!

And while you’re feeling nostalgic, be sure to check out last year’s picks for Best of 2013.


1. Breakout Star of the Year

2. Heel of the Year

3. Tag-Team of the Year

4. Feud of the Year

5. Creative Misfire of the Year

6. Biggest Creative Surprise of the Year

7. Biggest News Story of the Year

8. Best Show of the Year

9. Wrestler of the Year

10. Match of the Year

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