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Tag-Team of the Year (2014)

While the modern wrestling show puts tag-team contests behind singles competition, those teams who make a living going 2-on-2 full-time still impress. The great series between Team 3D, the Hardys, and the Wolves felt like an Attitude-era throwback. And the Dust brothers united to create one of the most… eccentric… teams in recent memory. But which team was the best? Read on to find out…

Brian Fritz (@BrianFritz): Not a tough choice: The Usos. It’s too bad it’s not a tougher choice but there is such a de-emphasis on tag-team wrestling these days. Regardless, The Usos were fantastic this past year having fantastic matches with The Wyatt Family, The Real Americans, Gold and Stardust and others. They put themselves on the map with their fantastic in-ring work and the WWE has trusted them so many times in putting them in prominent spots on shows because they know The Usos will deliver.

Michael A. Wiseman (@therealwiseman): I wish this category had more competition; instead, it feels like a one-trick pony. Sure, I could nominate The Ascension, but they’re riffing the Legion of Doom… The Wolves, but they’re languishing in TNA. That’s no discredit to The Usos – they had some fantastic matches, capped off an amazing title-run, and have remained relevant on WWE television even without the titles. Still, I can’t imagine how much more impressive they’d look in a rich, illustrious, tag-team division. Maybe one day?

Josh Lopez (@JoshLopezCSR): My tag team of the year will be The Usos. I think that the Usos are severely underappreciated. I was fortunate enough to be in the building in Chicago when The Usos won their first WWE Tag Team Championship against The New Age Outlaws. The series of matches they had with The Real Americans & The Wyatt Family made me a mark for The Usos.

Danny Bixby (@DannyJBixby): Although I’d love to say the VaudeVillains were the tag team of the year, the honest answer is the Usos. They held the belts for 200+ days, put on INCREDIBLE matches against the Wyatts (and others) and overall tried their hardest to make you forget there were only 7 tag teams in the entire division throughout the calendar year. Granted, only one Uso is actually any good in the ring, but you need the other one to get beat down for 10 minutes every match. And when you’re live in the crowd, I don’t care how gimmicky you think the Usos are: When they say “Uce” you’ll say “Oh.” Count it.

Nathan McCarter (@McCarterN): I would love to say The Young Bucks, but the answer is The Usos. The WWE botched their title win by having it a week early. It should have been their WrestleMania moment. Regardless, they stepped up their game all year long from start to finish. And we can give an assist to Jimmy Uso for being one of the most entertaining people on Total Divas, too.

Did you think another tag-team stood out, or did we get this one right? Make your voice count in the comments below! And while you’re here, catch up with our entire Best of 2014: Professional Wrestling series.

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