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Jon Jones’ On Air Interview Full Of Hot Air

UFC President Dana White promised that Monday night’s Jon Jones interview on Fox Sports 1 would “clear all that up,” in regards to Jones’ cocaine use, and subsequent 24 hour stay in a drug rehabilitation facility.

Instead, we got a dose of rhetoric from the UFC light-heavyweight champion that raised more questions than gathered answers.

The lack of direct answers from Jones was disturbing.

“How often had you used cocaine up until that point (the positive drug test on December 3rd)?”

“Well, you know, I had done it before quite a few times in college. I experimented with it. But that is really it, you know. Mainly just college.”


We are expected to believe that Jon Jones snorted cocaine at the peak of the training camp for the most important fight of his life, for the first time since he “experimented with it” nearly a decade earlier? When did “experimented” come to equal “quite a few times”? And why say, “Mainly just college”? Why not say, “I hadn’t used cocaine since college?”

When pressed by interview Charissa Thompson on the timeline of Jones’ drug usage, “You did it in college and the one time before the fight, and that is the only time?” Jones replied:

“Yeah….Pretty much.”

2nd Timeout.

“Pretty much”? Why is Jones so indecisive? “Yes” or “No” are acceptable responses to a direct question. Saying, “Pretty much,” while your eyes dart around the room and you fail to make eye contact with your interviewer for more than a handful of seconds at a time, makes you seem like you’re lying.

When asked about the feelings exhibited by his pair of NFL-player brothers, Jones claimed that his brethren were, naturally, “embarrassed.” However, without prompting, Jones added, “One of my brothers said they see it a lot in the NFL. It is not as public.”

3rd, and final, timeout.

What do you think Chandler and Arthur Jones were thinking when that line was spouted by their brother? Jon Jones is dragging his family into his circus of nonsense, and potentially harming their relationships in their respective locker rooms, by airing private conversations in a public forum. Time to start an office pool for which Indianapolis Colt and/or New England Patriot will be caught snorting blow off the locker room benches next season.

Makes you wonder how sounds can even escapes Jones’ mouth, since his foot seems permanently lodged there.

Hidden in the interview is also the fact that Jones basically admitted to the use of other illegal drugs.

“Is that the only illegal drug you’ve participated in?”

“I’ve dipped and dabbed in my fair share of partying, I’d say.”

Again with the cryptic responses. Jones simply refuses to own up for his mistakes, and answer honestly. Or, he is so arrogant, and believes the public is so below him, that a factual response isn’t warranted.

In summary, Jones got caught. He entered a rehab facility for an evening to appease his bosses, sponsors, and potential consumers. He granted Fox Sports a televised interview, filled with nondescript responses, to appease his bosses, sponsors, and potential consumers.

He is not trying to be a better person. He is not trying to be a role model for drug users in a similar situation. He is not trying to right his wrongs.

He is simply trying to cover his ass.

About Dan Ryno

Dan Ryno has been a pro wrestling fanatic for over 25 years, and an MMA fan for over a decade. He holds a BA and MA in Education from Lindenwood University in the historic wrestling town of St. Louis. He has been covering MMA, boxing, and pro wrestling since 2011. You can follow him on Twitter @danryno.


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    I’m glad people are starting to call Jones out on his BS. Like Jones, I am a proud Christian man. I make mistakes, just like the next man. It’s what makes us human, and why we believe Christ gave his life for us. But these are not isolated mistakes Jones is making. This is a lifestyle of depravity that he eats, sleeps, and drinks on a daily basis. He’s been an admitted drug user for at least a decade, places himself about his fellow man, isn’t faithful to his fiance (allegedly), has multiple personalities (depending on the company he is currently keeping), makes on-camera ‘literal’ (his words, not mine) death threats, hates his fellow man based on their sexual preference, and is a compulsive liar (yeah Jon, I’m sure your phone was hacked). I’ll pray for him, but I won’t root for him.

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    So the unimpressive and ill-informed Dana White ways publicly that cocaine use actually is the opposite of performance enhancing, yet will castigate the Diaz boys for a bit of marijuana use? Marijuana is performance enhancing? Who signs Dana’s paychecks?

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