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Accentuate the Positives in Wrestling – Week of March 7, 2015

It’s easy to get bogged down in the negativity that exists online when it comes to the world of professional wrestling. Let’s put a pause on the bad stuff, all the complaints, criticisms, rants, and rundowns. Instead, let’s come up for a breath of fresh air, sift through the week that was, and accentuate the positives.

Here are your top 3 positives from the week that was:

1.  Jon Stewart on Raw

When a celebrity is involved in a wrestling angle, many fans have a tendency to automatically get nervous. There are times when celebrities do great in their roles within an angle, but more often than not they make things awkward, cringeworthy, corny, or downright unwatchable. Jon Stewart rose above that and delivered an excellent promo this past Monday on Raw. He made a connection to the fans by relating to them and bringing up his own fandom, mentioning Hall of Famers like Bruno Sammartino, Gorilla Monsoon, and Mick Foley. The segment was very well done and Stewart found a great mix between comedic and serious, poking fun at times but also being very poignant in his questioning of Seth Rollins’ character and integrity. What started out as a silly joke between the two ended up making for a great moment on Raw and one that helped advance the character of who Rollins is and the means by which he has found success.

2. Bullet Club in CHIKARA

In my first edition of this series I talked about my love for CHIKARA. Their premier show is the “King of Trios” event, held over a 3 day period in September. The first team for this year’s event was announced this week as the ever popular Bullet Club, being represented by AJ Styles and The Young Bucks. Bullet Club’s popularity among the most hardcore of fans makes them a perfect fit for CHIKARA, who usually attracts those types of fans (IE, no casual fans, just the devoted. A cult following, if you will). Not only is their popularity a plus, but all 3 men are excellent in the ring which lends itself to the event very well, as it is known to have some of the best in ring action all year from any promotion (though I’m biased, of course).

3. Rey Mysterio signs with AAA

After being in contract limbo for quite some time, Rey Mysterio finally signed with AAA, the place many believed he would indeed go following his nearly 13 year WWE run. This is a big positive for AAA as they are trying to position themselves as a competitor within the global wrestling market. Having recognizable names like Rey, as well as Alberto El Patron, helps give credibility to the brand in the eyes of fans who are unfamiliar with AAA’s work. Mysterio has been one of the most popular wrestlers WWE has ever employed (especially with merchandise sales) and there will be plenty of fans who will seek out AAA (and it’s Lucha Underground counterpart) in order to see what Mysterio is doing in his post WWE career. With a guy like Rey Mysterio coming in, it gives AAA the chance to say “if you like that, we also have this” and display the other talent that fans may not be as familiar with. The more eyes that are on the AAA product, the better chance they’ll have at building a global audience. This signing is definitely a positive for the company and also the wrestling business as a whole.

Well, that’s it for this week. Until next time, stay positive!

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