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Perro Aguayo Jr. dies following tag match against Rey Mysterio Jr. and Xtreme Tiger

AAA’s top heel star Perro Aguayo Jr. died after a tag-team match in Tijuana last night. Aguayo Jr., 35, was teaming with Manik (T.J. Perkins) against Rey Mysterio Jr. and Xtreme Tiger.

Videos of the match don’t seem to reveal anything out of the ordinary, although something clearly went very wrong.

In the videos, Mysterio drop kicks Aguayo Jr. to set up a 619. Manik is also positioned for the move, and he taps Aguayo Jr. on the shoulder to rouse him. However, Aguayo Jr. doesn’t respond. Mysterio goes to deliver the 619 but swings his legs above Aguayo Jr.’s head, never touching him. Mysterio gives a confused look, and Manik pulls a limp Aguayo Jr. off the second rope. Aguayo Jr. slumps onto the bottom rope where Mysterio and Konnan check on him, but he never moves. The match goes to a quick, improvised finish from there with Mysterio giving Manik the 619.

The Wrestling Observer reports that Aguayo Jr is believed to have suffered a concussion in the match. He later died at a hospital. The Observer also notes that there are reports that a brain hemorrhage or cervical spine trauma may have caused Aguayo Jr.’s death.

AAA confirmed posted this somber message on Twitter.

Here are links to three videos of the match, but knowing what we know now, they are extremely difficult to watch. Link No. 1. Link No. 2. Link No. 3.
Sad, sad story. Our thoughts go to Aguayo Jr.’s friends and family.

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