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Rey Mysterio is not retiring, despite what you may have heard

Rey Mysterio is not retiring.

Earlier this week, Rey Bucanero claimed he had spoken with Mysterio, who he claimed had told him he was hanging up his mask and tights after participating in last week’s tag-team match that preceded the tragic death of Perro Aguayo Jr., according to a report by the Wrestling Observer.

Thursday night, Mysterio shot down the rumor at WaleMania. Here’s video of Mysterio, with Konnan and the Observer‘s Dave Meltzer, denying that report. In the video, Mysterio addresses how he’s coping with Aguayo’s death, his decision to stay active within wrestling and his move away from WWE.

An autopsy performed on Aguayo Jr. revealed that the lucha star fractured his C-1, C-2 and C-3 vertebrae in his neck and died en route to a hospital in Tijuana. What went wrong in the match is still unclear, but the Observer report says there were “two different moments of impact and that no level or speed of medical treatment would have made a difference.” Aguayo Jr. had reportedly passed a complete physical 15 days before the match in Tijuana.

Unfortunately, the aftermath has been ugly for Mysterio with opportunistic, clickbait websites claiming the former WWE star had “killed” Aguayo Jr. If those shameless tactics weren’t disgusting enough, Mysterio had reportedly been receiving death threats. Hopefully, Mysterio can find peace amongst this chaos, and he most certainly deserves support from his family, friends and fans at this time.

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