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Triple H is a Piece of Garbage Who Refuses to Put Over Other Talent

Do I have your attention now?


That’s not a headline that would make it past most copy edit desks. You’d never see it in a newspaper, or catch on major sporting websites. You know why? Because it’s not true. It’s the most ludicrous, hateful take I could muster up on the topic of Triple H winning at WrestleMania, and it’s meant to ignite some kind of reaction. Specifically, it’s meant to show you how RIDICULOUS your smart mark commentary sounds.

Let’s look back Triple H’s win/loss record over the last three-ish years before last night (a timeframe that covers Triple H as on-screen COO):

L – The Undertaker, WrestleMania 28
L – Brock Lesnar, SummerSlam

W – Brock Lesnar, WrestleMania 29
L – Brock Lesnar, Extreme Rules
L – Curtis Axel, RAW (forfeit)
L – Curtis Axel, RAW (DQ)

L – Daniel Bryan, WrestleMania 30
L – The Shield, Extreme Rules
L – The Shield, Payback
L – Team Cena, Survivor Series (not involved in match)

Statistically, he won exactly 10% of his matches throughout that period. Drop the oddities (Survivor Series 2014 in which he didn’t actually compete, or the weird concussion storyline against Curtis Axel) and that number rises to an unremarkable 14%.

To better put this in perspective, he had only defeated one opponent in the last three years. One single victory over a span of 1,000+ days. And while that one opponent was “the beast” Brock Lesnar, it was match number two in best-of-three series that Trips ultimately ended up losing.

And these fans – these whiny, annoying trolls – are also failing to see the bigger picture. Like the fact that it took ALL of DX, AND a sledgehammer, AND a Shawn Michaels superkick, to keep the Stinger down. Also, there’s that big Ronda Rousey/The Rock factor; that is, if Triple H is going to be in a match either-one-on one with The Great One or in a mixed-tag match against UFC’s beautiful bantamweight champion next year at ‘Mania, then he probably needs some momentum to help sell that match (as opposed to Sting who is rumored to be a one-and-done).

If anything, Triple H deserves SOME respect for the phenomenon that is NXT. He’s giving wrestling enthusiast one of the best products on TV today, and some of the greatest matches you’ll see in any promotion. It’s not an ego trip, either. Triple H legitimately cares for these young talents, and wants them to carry the business into the future.

I know, I know… don’t feed the trolls, right? Don’t encourage them by even ACKNOWLEDGING their ridiculous criticisms, or giving their voice a platform. I guess I just hope one or two of y’all might give reason a chance. For once. Maybe.

Do you think Triple H was right to pick up the victory over Sting at WrestleMania 31, or was this just another wrestling ego trip? Tweet me what you think @therealwiseman!

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