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AJ Lee Makes First Public Statement Since WWE Retirement

AJ Lee shocked the world this past Friday night when she announced her retirement. Only days after WWE’s biggest show of the year, WWE.com told viewers in a short and to the point news brief that Lee was no longer with the company, and wished her the best (but, notably, not in her future endeavors).

Guess she felt like two days was more than enough time for speculation. This morning, AJ took to Twitter and made a vague statement about chasing your dreams, with a picture displaying her trademark Chuck Taylor high-top wrestling shoes propped up next to a luggage bag.

Contrast that with her husband’s notorious multi-month hiatus from social media. And speaking of CM Punk… he sent out a tweet honoring his newly-unemployed wife with a simple, trending hastag.

Sweet, isn’t it? Does it put the final nail in that “AJ Lee and CM Punk marriage is on the ropes!” talk?

Guess it’s time to usher in the baby rumors…

via Sporting News

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