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Chris Jericho back on Raw

Chris Jericho Answers Questions About Podcast Being Kayfabe

When WWE announced its new slate of programming for the WWE Network last week, one major surprise was the Chris Jericho Podcast. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin had already done two podcast on the network – one with Vince McMahon himself, and the other with COO Triple H – and in both cases, the Texas rattlesnake pulled no punches. He asked the tough questions and got the tough answers.

So when rumors of tension between WWE and Austin arose shortly before WrestleMania, fans knew a Stone Cold Podcast Part III was unlikely. What most people didn’t expect was that Chris Jericho would take the hot seat. And while Chris Jericho has been known to speak his mind from time-to-time, he’s always played pretty nice with the company, coming back for in-ring competition once or twice a year and putting over younger talent in the process.

Naturally, when WWE first advertised Jericho with guest John Cena for Monday night after RAW, questions arose about whether or not Jericho would be as hard-hitting as his venomous predecessor. His response?

To the guy asking about kayfabe: really? REALLY?

But the question about his podcast being “company friendly” is legit. If Austin did get heat from McMahon over some of his questions on the Triple H podcast (like maybe the Chyna question?), you can’t help but imagine Jericho will be a little gun shy. Also, he didn’t deny that his podcast would actually be company friendly, he simply responded “watch and see.”

Guess we’ll find out tonight.

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