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WWE Monday Night RAW Rating Tops the Night

There for a while WWE Monday Night RAW ratings were a fun game of “how low will they go?” Thank goodness WrestleMania season cures all woes.

WWE’s flagship show did pretty phenomenal Monday night (that is, for a post-PG era show). It scored a 1.5 at 8pm, 1.4 at 9pm, and a 1.1 at 10pm. It started the evening at 4.3 million viewers before bottoming out at around 3.5 million.

Now, there is some room for concern here – the RAW rating went lower each successive hour (consider the first hour housed Randy Orton vs Kane, and Seth Rollins vs. Neville), implying viewers simply didn’t care to stick around and see which mildly-interesting babyface earned a number one contendership spot in the main event. It also means some fans missed John Cena’s United States Title open challenge, and the Miz vs Mizdow battle.

However, many fans likely switched over to catch the end of the NCAA Championship game between Duke and Wisconsin (a phenomenal back-and-forth contest that wasn’t decided until around 11:15). Also, it’s worth pointing out that WWE RAW still managed to out perform critical darlingĀ Better Call Saul, and cable TV favoriteĀ Love and Hip Hop.

The most important thing WWE can take away form this is that intrigue (like was built last week with the amazing Brock Lesnar storyline) can leads to ratings success.

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