Welcome back to America, where our shows are more cohesive and our television colors aren’t slightly muted! As the last stop on the road to AXtreme Rules, WWE RAW had the lofty goal of selling me on yet another free pay per view. Did it work? Read on to find out…

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RKO outta nowhere? More like RKO outta everywhere – Randy Orton promised it at the beginning of WWE RAW, and he absolutely delivered. I loved the unexpected nature of Orton’s attacks. It made the show feel a lot more fun and, surprisingly, fresh. His promo to start the show proved that an engaged Randy Orton is an entertaining Randy Orton. My wife leaned over at one point and said, “I thought he was a good guy? Why is he attacking everybody?” Exactly. the. point.

WWE promised a big ‘Tough Enough’ announcement from Triple H… and it ended up being about as big as my last paystub (take THAT current/former employers!). So contestants can put in their own submission videos? Hasn’t that always been the process? WHO IS MY TOUGH ENOUGH 2015 HOST? This was a giant letdown… grumble grumble grumble

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I think the post-announcement argument between Kane and Seth Rollins didn’t help matters any. Sure, they’re mad at each other – but why did Triple H seemingly side with Kane in-ring, while acting disappointed backstage?

Bo Dallas and Roman Reigns… ugh. Actually, Bo Dallas was money. Roman Reigns was in-between solid and horribly disappointing. “Taking the BIG FIGHT to the BIG SHOW”… I see what you did there… 🙁

I like the way WWE RAW ended – by building up the Rollins/Orton match for Sunday, and bringing the Sheamus/Ziggler feud into the main-event. It was chaotic, it was fun, and future WWE RAW episodes should take notes. Boring, triple-threat matches with clean finishes make me want to take a cold shower afterwards.


New Day def. The Lucha Dragons to become #1 Contenders in what turned out to be a better-than-expected outing for both teams. So glad to see New Day finally work up a little momentum. Their match with Cesaro and Kidd should be fun this coming Sunday.

Fandango def. Curtis Axel in what turned out to be ANOTHER disappointing outing for Axelmania. Just keep this in mind: Damien Sandow also went through a funk like this recently. A great performer can overcome a crummy gimmick any… well, most… days of the week.

Sheamus def. Zack Ryder via DQ in what turned out to be one of my favorite WWE RAW segments of the night. Sheamus has that spark back we haven’t seen in years. His new gimmick is clicking, the look is (yes) really working, and seeing him just completely decimate other superstars is hugely entertaining.

John Cena def. Kane in a “better than expected/no, seriously, it was alright” match. Kane looked good. John Cena looked fine. Too bad neither man embraced the hate.

Miz def. Mizdow to retain rights for his gimmick… because, of course. I’m glad the blowoff to this feud went three weeks, but couldn’t it at least have earned a spot on the Extreme Rules card? This is why your midcard always feels so unimportant, WWE.

Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler and everything was all screwy. It was a hot angle to end the show with, and I’m glad it gave Rollins another chance to gloat.


-At one point, JBL literally told current WWE Network subscribers that they can “unsubscribe anytime they want!” in his excited, cowboy voice. Smooth move.

-So is Randy Orton OK with Kane being the ‘gatekeeper’? Doesn’t this completely undermine the stipulation? I wonder if Orton was like, “aw, shucks, should’ve thought of THAT one…”

-Another file in the “Stuff My Wife Says” folder: “Why is Byron Saxton so bad? I can’t put my finger on it, but he just… is.”

-I get that having Randy Orton RKO Seth Rollins makes him look strong heading into Sunday. But it also means he’s DEFINITELY going to lose.

-AND SERIOUSLY – that RKO on Seth Rollins was INSANE.

Overall Show: 7.5 RKO’s out of EVERYWHERE

Pretty solid outing for WWE RAW, and a surprisingly entertaining go-home show for Extreme Rules. Worth checking out if you missed it… also, every episode from here until eternity should feature at least one segment of Heath Slater getting RKO’ed in the back.

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