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Mattel unveils WWE Elite 36 action figures, the Outsiders, Sting, Hulk Hogan and more

WWE toymaker Mattel was a bit of a last-minute addition to this past weekend’s Wizard World Las Vegas. As usual, Mattel WWE toy designer Bill Miekena revealed some previously unseen action figures.

The weekend’s big reveal was the complete set of Elite 36, Mattel’s premium wrestling toy line, as well as a peek at a future Elite Flashback of Dean Malenko. Ringside collectibles was at the con to take photos, so all credit for the images belongs to them.


Elite 36 features the first premium figures of Stardust and Bo Dallas, an updated “Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose with a head scan that finally does him justice, creepy butcher Bray Wyatt, a repaint of the coveted Matty Collector “Diamond” Dallas Page figure and a new Goldust with his hooded ring jacket.


This set just went up for pre-order on Ringside Collectibles with an early- to mid-June release date. Within hours, the DDP had sold out. The rest of the set is still available for pre-order. Ambrose, Dallas and Stardust are must-owns for me.


Malenko is believed to be included in Elite 37. This figure is an early prototype, and I believe Mattel will keep working out the kinks before “the Man of 1,000 Holds” finds his way into toy aisles.


The other big news should please newer collectors who have been clamoring for more of the classic WWF World Tag Team Titles (the ones with the eagle on them). A pair of the belts will be packaged with the upcoming Yokozuna Hall of Fame action figure, a Target exclusive. Yoko is going to be a hot seller packed with the tag titles from the 1980s through early 2000s. So be prepared to hunt.


Mattel also gave us a better look at the Four Horsemen four-pack — and the first Barry Windham Mattel figure. I can’t wait for this set to hit, giving us all a second chance at Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson and a new Ric Flair sculpt.


Windham definitely has his “Widowmaker” look, but I really wish he had a cole miner’s glove. Guess I’ll have to do a hand swap.


Mattel also gave the first carded look at the new Ringside exclusive of “American Made” Hulk Hogan and Defining Moments Sting. Both are also up for pre-order; Hogan comes out in late June or early July. The crow Sting has already been pushed back to a mid- to late-August release.

The “American Made” Hogan also pays homage to the Hulkster’s No Holds Barred attire. I’m in no rush to get this figure, but it looks fantastic on the card. I may have to get it just to keep it MOC. I’m all in on the Stinger even though it looks odd in the box.


We also received a first look at Battle Packs 36, featuring Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in NWO street clothes. Mattel has assured collectors that Nash is taller than Hall, despite the pictures. And we get a first look at the Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose two pack, although the gold Money in the Bank briefcase was never shown.

Also up for pre-order this week are WWE Series 52 (includes the debut figure of Adrien Neville), Series 53 (features the first figure of Tyler Breeze) and Battle Packs 35.


In other WWE toy news, Wicked Cool Toys’ classic blue steel cage playset with WrestleMania 2 and SummerSlam ring skits is available for pre-order (release date is early to mid August). The blue steel cage will always hold a special place in my heart after attending a Saturday Night’s Main Event taping in Des Moines, Iowa. Hogan took on the Big Boss Man and superplexed him off the top of the cage. At that time, it was the coolest high spot that I’d ever seen.

The cage comes with ring posts, old-school blue steps, old-school turnbuckles and red, white and blue ring ropes. It’s a bit pricey at $54.99 before shipping, but worth it to any old-school fan.

Interested in WWE Mattel action figures? Make sure to check out our recent guide!

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