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WWE RAW Hangover: A Game of Thrones

The theme of this particular WWE RAW was Extreme Rules 2015 fallout because… well, I mean, do these shows even have “themes” anymore? Remember when EVER 3-hour show had a “theme” – like Las Vegas… or Old School… or Bob Barker… SO, how did this themeless-wonder fare?

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Hey – SETH ROLLINS opened the show! You know SETH ROLLINS? The same guy who’s opened WWE RAW for the last ### weeks? Seriously, these episodes are starting to play out like a Nickelback song (“And about 35 seconds in, you start the heavier guitar riffs… Yes, on EVERY song)

King of the Ring happened, and while we can talk about the specifics more below (we probably won’t), the formatting was just super weird. First off, why completely fail to advertise until like, an hour before your show? Then, why have Barrett, R-Truth, Sheamus, and Neville – three heels, and one brand-spankin’-new guy – move forward? Fans would tune in to see Ziggler possibly move forward, or a more noteworthy heel lose, but I’m pretty sure R-Truth and his anti-spiders platform are enough to turn viewers away tonight on the WWE Network.

ALSO, why does JBL have to be such a racist? “At least they aren’t snakes!” Classy, dude.

I really liked seeing Rusev crash John Cena’s open challenge. It gives Cena a night off, shows that Rusev is serious about the title, and (surprisingly) makes me excited about their I Quit match at Payback. Still, though, a Heath Slater US Title run could be fun…

Damien Sandow is back, and with new music to boot. I guess that was his big, “I’m a babyface now, I’m coming out! Whoa-oh!” moment, which was fine, but just a bit on-the-nose. Funny to put him up with Axelmania, though.

Everything with Ziggler and Sheamus is a lot of fun right now. Happy to see WWE devote so much time to an upper-Mid Card/lower-Main Event level feud that doesn’t involve a title.


Too. many. matches. every. week. on. WWE RAW. Why don’t you just watch the dang show? Or better yet, re-watch WWE Extreme Rules…

Dolph Ziggler vs Wade Barrett was a fantastic way to open the King of the Ring tournament. Great match, and I’d love to see a best-of-seven series between these two for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Sheamus and Ambrose was fun… until it ended. I’m okay with an occasional dirty finish, though.

Neville and Harper had a pretty solid outing as well, and this is another one of those “big man/little man” matchups that just seem to click. I’m getting a very strong ‘Daniel Bryan’ vibe from Neville these days: he’s a hard worker, has a lot of experience under his belt, posseses a unique moveset, and can have a great match with just about anybody.

We don’t REALLY have to talk about the WWE RAW tag-team main-event, do we? Good, didn’t think so.


– Xavier Woods is money. He has so much charisma, even in his current limited role, and I hope WWE does something big with him after New Day is finished.

-That crowd, tho… it was dead by around 9:00pm. Y’all don’t stay up late? And aren’t you Central time zone?

-I tend to just mute the announce team these days and listened to whale calls instead. It amounts to the same thing.

OVERALL SHOW: 6 Kings of the Rings out of 10

Blah blah blah, description description… I was just kind of bored throughout the show. They even managed to make KotR boring. Really?

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