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Michelle Beadle Publicly Criticizes Triple H for Supporting Floyd Mayweather

In case you missed it… there was a major prize fight last night. Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather finally duked it out to see who really is the best boxer of this generation. But what was so interesting about the build wasn’t the fight itself – it was all the drama surrounding it. And in the middle of all that drama was Michelle Beadle, who just fired resounding shots at WWE and its COO, Triple H.

Let’s go back 24 hours: Michelle Beadle was banned from last night’s Pacquiao-Mayweather fight (along with Rachel Nichols) for being one of the most outspoken people condemning Mayweather for his history of violence against women. Not entirely surprising, but a jackass move by Mayweather nonetheless. She had been advertising for the fight all week on ESPN. She even interviewed Mayweather last year. But, when she showed up to the arena yesterday, Showtime denied her press credentials.

So last night, after Mayweather took care of Pacquiao in dominating fashion (pretty much affirming what every sports broadcaster had been saying all week), Triple H sent out a tweet in support of his favorite boxer.

You’ll recall that Triple H has accompanied Floyd Mayweather to ringside before, and that Mayweather did the angle with Big Show for WrestleMania back in 2008. These guys are chummy. No surprise here. But what WAS surprising was that Beadle, who was one of WWE’s biggest champions this year headed into WrestleMania 31, and even interviewed Brock Lesnar when he made his decision to retire from MMA, publicly criticized Triple H for supporting Mayweather. Perhaps more damning, she said she’s “turning in (her) fan card.”


Michelle Beadle was passionate about her WWE fandom. If you saw her during WrestleMania weekend, she was attending various shows, hanging out with the fans, and acting more fan than ESPN journalist. WWE touted her support of their product for weeks after the big show. But now it’s looking like she’s closed that door for good.

Michelle Beadle deserves to be applauded for sticking to her beliefs here. Sure, it sucks that professional wrestling might be losing one of its biggest (and most entertaining) mainstream supporters, but the fact that she’s unwilling to compromise, especially in the face of a “serial abuser,” is a courageous move indeed.


How much of a WWE fan was Michelle Beadle? Check out the video below to see her gush about the product:

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