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NXT Star Sami Zayn Makes WWE Raw Debut, Internet Explodes

John Cena has been a fighting WWE United State Champion, showing as much over the past month by defending the title every week on Raw.

This week was no different as Cena once again had his U.S. Open Challenge, ready to take on anyone up for the opportunity.

While he in the ring talking about his upcoming I Quit match against Rusev at Payback in a few weeks, the Montreal crowd decided to take over, chanting for who they wanted to face Cena on this night. And they got their wish.

Sami Zayn.

Yes, Montreal’s own and NXT superstar Sami Zayn made his Raw debut to the delight of his hometown and wrestling fans everywhere. At first, Bret Hart came out to give his endorsement to someone before being interrupted by Heath Slater who wanted the shot. Once he got in the ring, the Hall of Famer Hart quickly smacked his aside and then introduced Zayn.

Then the wrestling world rejoiced. And the internet exploded.

By the way, Zayn lost the match but it was a great one against Cena and left a huge impression. You couldn’t have asked for more with him debuting Raw in his hometown and facing the biggest star in the company. 

He even kicked out of the Attitude Adjustment.

And this is just the start of what should be a great career on the WWE main stage for him.

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