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Global Force Wrestling reveals roster, adds Chael Sonnen as analyst

The Global Force Wrestling roster reveal proved to be even more underwhelming than expected. The unveiling ended up being “live,” but only if you were in Las Vegas at the Orleans Arena. Otherwise, finding out who will be in Jeff Jarrett’s ring proved to be an exercise in frustration. And the biggest name … well, he’ll be a commentator. That name was former UFC fighter Chael P. Sonnen.

Sonnen, who is truly a “get” for Double J, will be an analyst for Global Force Wrestling. His mouth is a moneymaker, but the amount of money Jarrett must be paying him to not wrestle probably dwarfs the paycheks of the active roster. It’ll be interesting to see if Jarrett ends up convincing Sonnen to step inside the squared circle.

As for who will be in those rings, it’s a list of former WWE and TNA names:

*Chris “The Adonis” Mordetsky (aka Chris Masters)

* Davey Boy Smith Jr.

* Lance Hoyt

* Doc Gallows

* “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson

* P.J. Black (the former Justin Gabriel)

* Lei’D Tapa

* Thea Trinidad

What is going on with Ring of Honor’s Quinn “Moose” Ojinnaka? He’s regarded as one of pro wrestling’s rising stars. He’s under contract with ROH, so his inclusion here is a bit baffling. If he’s leaving ROH for GFW … that’s questionable judgment.

There’s talent here, most of it good young guys. But this roster is really lacking star power.

Tickets for all three of the GFW Las Vegas TV tapings (July 24, August 21 and October 23) go on sale Friday, May 15, at noon. A pre-sale is slated for Monday, May 11, at noon. Maybe even most shocking of all: GFW tickets “start” at $30. I’m afraid with a roster devoid of stars that Jarrett is going to be giving away tickets just to fill the 9,500-seat Orleans Arena.

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