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Elimination Chamber Returns… Plus, More Details Emerge?

In case you missed the news last night, WWE announced the return of its Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View – but this time, exclusively on the WWE Network. But that’s not the biggest surprise.

What’s even crazier about the whole thing is that WWE announced it only THREE WEEKS out. It’s coming live to WWE Network on May 31st, emanating from Corpus Christie, Texas.

It’s not the first time WWE has announced a surprise PPV return. In fact, just over two weeks ago at Extreme Rules, the company did the exact same thing with the returning King of the Ring – before unceremoniously dumping the tournament on a Tuesday.

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If you recall, Stephanie McMahon mentioned earlier this year that Elimination Chamber had been removed from the WWE schedule because of how difficult it had become to transport and set-up the infamous structure. She partially blamed it on increasing scoreboard sizes.

But it looks like WWE might have found a workaround: a blurb on WWE.com mentions that both the WWE Tag Team Championship AND the Intercontinental Championship will be defended inside “the devil’s playground.” It also tells fans to stay tuned for more information on a possible WWE World Heavyweight Championship defense.

This is telling for a number of reasons: one, it explains why WWE has been beefing up its Tag Team Division in recent weeks (there are six slots in the chamber); two the fact that mid-card titles will be defended inside the steel cell, along with the World Heavyweight Championship, implies the chamber will likely be down for most of the night. That means no raising or lowering – and no interference from the scoreboard.

Or it could be that WWE just picked Corpus Christie BECAUSE it’s one of the few remaining arenas that can accommodate the structure, and that maybe only lower-tier championships will be on the line.

Still, a surprise pay-per-view with one of WWE’s most iconic match-types? It plays perfectly into the chaos currently surrounding Seth Rollins’ WWE title reign. It also means that the champ is likely to retain this coming Sunday at WWE Payback.

Are you excited about the return of Elimination Chamber? Or is WWE putting on too many pay-per-views?

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