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Destination America may be cancelling TNA Impact Wrestling

The end may be near for TNA Impact Wrestling on Destination America. The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the American-themed cable channel has made the decision to cancel Dixie Carter’s wrestling show at the end of the third quarter in late September (subscription required and recommended).

Despite Impact ratings being good, they weren’t good enough to justify the show’s production costs, according to the Observer‘s Dave Meltzer. The bigger problem (and a problem for all wrestling promotions): Advertisers don’t want to run ads on the show.

Meltzer says the decision to cancel the show was made before Impact Wrestling was moved from Friday nights to Wednesdays. The last Friday-night show is May 29 with the show starting Wednesdays on June 3. Maybe there’s hope though, according to Meltzer:

Those who were informed of the cancellation have not been told at this point anything different several days after the change of date was announced. But things obviously have changed, at least to the degree of moving days. So this story is very much ongoing.

The show’s cancellation wasn’t supposed to get out until Destination America’s primetime lineup was announced later this year, but here we are. If this comes to fruition, TNA will have been canceled in successive years by two different cable channels. That may complicate finding a third home. And no TV would mean no TNA, which is terrible news for the wrestling industry and fans who want an alternative to WWE.

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