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WWE Hall of Fame series 2, featuring Hulk Hogan, Eddie Guerrero and more, is out now

The hunt is on. The second series of Mattel’s WWE Hall of Fame action-figure set started hitting store shelves earlier this week. The four-figure set — featuring Hulk Hogan, Eddie Guerrero, Yokozuna and the first Mattel figure of Tito Santana — is exclusive to Target stores.

I was able to track down a full set Friday afternoon, thanks in part to Brick Seek’s Target inventory tracker. (Click here, enter your zip code and the DPCI number 087-06-2061 to find out which stores are stocking the set.)

The most coveted member in HOF series 2 is Yokozuna but not for the action figure.


Yoko comes with a set of the old-school WWF World Tag Team Championships. Previously, those titles were released as Matty Collector exclusives with Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. Those figures didn’t sell particularly well, leading to inflated prices on the secondary market and collectors clamoring for their re-release.


As for the Yokozuna figure, this is his second release; the first was in Elite Collection 15. The first figure captures the former WWF Champion’s most iconic look, clean shaven in red tights with a black mawashi. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two sumos.


The HOF Yokozuna, in white and black with a beard and braided hair, isn’t an identifiable costume. If fact, I most associate Yoko’s bearded look with his red-and-black attire, especially when he was a tag-team champion with Owen Hart.


If you’d prefer to mix-and-match parts, you could always swap the figures heads (boil a mug of water for three minutes, remove from microwave, dunk figure head-first into the cup for about a minute, and then push off the head by pressing under the figure’s chin).


Hulk Hogan is now a major part of Mattel’s action-figure line. This is the Hulkster’s third Elite-style figure, and it celebrates Hogan’s WWF Championship win over Yokozuna in the surprise main event of WrestleMania IX. Synergy!

This Hulkster is a near exact representation of the ‘Mania IX attire down to his bandana, yellow cowboy boots and “Hulkster” weight belt. Customizers should be able to modify this Hogan to reflect his Bash at the Beach heel turn look. New World Order, brother! I was never partial to this look and prefer the Defining Moments Hogan figure as the best to-date.


This is the first time a Tito Santana figure has appeared in the Mattel line. The former Intercontinental Champion comes in his white and red Strike Force tights and boots. Arriba!


Santana has his signature mullet and thick (maybe too thick) eyebrows. He also comes with a red cloth T-shirt that he wore before going to matador school. Be warned: These shirts have stained figures in the past. Give it a wash with your delicates to get any residual dye out.


I wasn’t sure Santana’s attire was 100 percent accurate with both a lightning bolt and a sombraro on the rear, but these are the tights that he wore during the Strike Force era with Rick Martel. We have a “Model” Martel. Will we get the fresh-faced Canadian?

Santana fans can also create Santana’s early 1990s El Matador character by head-swapping this figure with one of the Los Matadores figures that were released in Elite Collection 35, which is out now. After all, the Matadores are wearing the exact same costume.


The final figure in the series is “Latino Heat” era Eddie Guerrero. This is Guerreo’s second Mattel figure — the first commemorated his WWE Championship victory over Brock Lesnar. This Guerrero looks back at his late-WCW and early-WWE run with signature mullet, goatee, and black-and-gold tights. This figure is definitely my favorite of the set as it captures his coming out as a major player in a golden age of wrestling.


Guerrero comes with a rubber “Latino Heat” shirt and two roses for romancing. Unfortunately for collectors who want to pair Guerrero with Chyna, we’ll likely never get his “Mamacita.” She’s too extreme for PG WWE.


Just look at that face! Mattel needs to release more WCW/Attitude Era characters.

Speaking of WCW, the Hall of Fame Four Horsemen set is also starting to hit Target stores. This exclusive features Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and the debut figure of Barry Windham. And it comes at a great price for four Elite-style figures: $49.99. More on that when I find it.

Who do you want to see added to the Hall of Fame line? Let us know in the comments.

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