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Wrestling Fix – Daily Links: Seth Rollins Helps the NBA Champ, WWE 2K16 and Cody Rhodes Beautiful Eulogy

Providing your daily fix of wrestling links from around the blogosphere

Summer is here.

Yes, a WWE Hall of Famer is running for President — again. The reaction to his announcement was spectacular. [Mashable]

WWE Champion Seth Rollins’ Raw promo helped pump up the Golden State Warriors before the decisive Game 6 of the NBA Finals. [Sports Illustrated]

2K Sports announced the first six wrestlers superstars in WWE 2K16. Look who made the cut.

Lucha Underground could win an Emmy. [Reality Blurred]

Sean Waltman is pretty ticked off that TMZ released the 911 call from Dusty Rhodes’ family. Well said, Sean. [Twitter]

Dusty Rhodes’ last interview is a gem, especially the stories of Terry Funk screaming “hey fatso” at him in airports and throwing a drink in the Dream’s face while he was doing karaoke. Wrestlers! [Two Man Power Trip]

The tributes to the American Dream keep coming. [WWE]

The Masked Man writes a “Requiem for the Dream.” [Grantland]

But there is none more beautiful than the eulogy given by his son Cody Rhodes. Please, read it all.

Speaking of Dusty, sounds like there was more of a connection to the Phil Phillips tribute song than we first realized. [Reddit]

After taking the Styles Clash wrong and breaking his neck, Yoshi Tatsu is finally getting back in the ring.

Machine Gun Kelly needs to learn how to sell.


And Kevin Owens is still angry.

Hey! CM Punk is back in the ring … and doing a job? Well, sort of.

Get hyped (and stay hyped?!?) for Friday night’s Ring of Honor Best in the World pay-per-view with the opening video.

And here’s John Cena pantsing Randy Orton in front of fans. [imgur]

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